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Friday, August 20, 2010

mini potatoheads, phase I

so since i had the last couple of days off from jury duty (courtroom was inexplicably dark for two days in the middle of the week), i got to go in to work.  for some folks, that would be a bummer.  but for me, that meant i got to be my happy, shiny self and be around some of my most favorite things in the whole world.

i actually got to work a closing shift the other day, which i'd requested prior to the jury duty thing anyway.  i needed the morning off to take the teen to registration at school, and then i had a junior league meeting that evening.  working a later shift meant i wouldn't have to drive out to pasadena twice in the same day.  i win!

and one of the perks of closing for the day is getting to take home any leftover cupcakes that didn't sell.  i gladly took a box of tiramisu goodies (coffee flavored cake, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles) to the meeting and then kept a few to take home for the family to enjoy. 

well, and of course i held onto a couple to crumble up and use for my mr. potatohead test run!  i grabbed a couple of the "mostess" - chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, a white buttercream swirl on top, and whipped cream filling - and got to work smushing them up.

that's a cookies & cream and another tiramisu still in the bag.  it took no time at all to get them all smooshy, mixing the frosting in with the cake, and then i used my cookie scoop to form a few cake balls. 

they're in the fridge now, and later i'll gather the rest of the supplies to try my hand at creating mr. potatohead and hamm the piggy bank. 

of course, that's after jury duty's over.  i have a feeling it's gonna be a looooong day.


  1. If I were you, I'd be working the late shift everyday just so I could take the leftover cupcakes home.

  2. My tummy just grumbled after reading about the cupcakes ;) it's gonna be good.


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