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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the veronabean blog sale

i finally found my camera cords and got my shit together for the big blog baby sale!  are you so excited?  she is:

heh.  pink steel right thurr, folks.

okay, so here's how we're gonna do this.  i'm going to post pictures of all the items for sale (there's like 25 of 'em), include a description (if needed) and pricing, and you can either leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail if you want it.  if i get more than one request for any item, the first one to pay for it takes it.  i'll be accepting paypal as the method of payment, and shipping will be on top of the price listed.  i'd venture to say that most of these items will fit in one of those flat-rate priority mail packages - the small box is $4.95 to ship, medium is $10.70, and the large is $14.50.  i'll add that information with each item as well, and i will of course combine shipping for multiple item purchases.

additionally, these prices are certainly not set in stone.  throw me a reasonable offer - although if i get another request to purchase with a higher price, well, cash is king, yo.  ya dig?

gah, the details are so boring and serious.  you ready?  here we go:

this is a super cute white terrycloth/eyelet dress by juicy couture.  the bean wore it maaaaaybe twice, and it was originally *gulp* $60.  i know, i know.  believe me.  anyway, it's a size 12-18 months and would easily fit into a small flat-rate box for shipping.  price:  $20

this is also by juicy couture.  it's a romper that she wore in our photoshoot for her last stint as the nest baby, and maybe wore one other time.  it was also $60 originally and a size 2.  small flat-rate box.  price:  $20

this is a pair of pedoodles, sized XXL (2-3 years).  they're brand new, never worn, and would also fit in a small flat-rate box.  price:  $8

these are also brand new, unworn shoes by vincent.  they're european size 23, which would fit a 7, and i think these would fit in the small flat-rate box - especially if you don't need the original box in the photo.  price:  $15

babystar burp cloth.  don't remember how much i paid, would fit in an envelope likely costing a couple of bucks to mail.  price:  $3

brand new small paul flip-flops in size M (9/10).  this may also fit in an envelope costing a couple of bucks to mail.  price:  $5SOLD!

chic tots' chic & carry wristlet.  this little dealio is perfect for tossing in a bigger, non-diaper-bag-looking tote, and will hold a couple of diapers and comes with a separate pouch for wipes.  there's a pocket for cards and keys and retails for $20.  this also fits in an envelope for mailing.  price:  $10

small paul cushy slippers, size small (2T/3T).  fits in a small flat-rate package.  price:  $10

heh.  inflatable potty seat, never made it out of the box.  it's pink, of course.  retailed for $20, fits in small flat-rate package.  price:  $10

babylegs in solid black.  retails for $10.  fits in an envelope.  price:  $5

i actually have a second pair of babylegs in cream that we used exactly twice.  they've been laundered and i was too lazy to take a picture of them.  price:  $2

chictots' chic & cozy blanket bag.  it opens up into a soft, cushy blanket and can also be used as a changing pad.  handles pull out to turn it into a travel bag.  currently retails for $50, fits in a medium flat-rate package.  price:  $25

barefoot dreams "nap to go" in lavender - a plush blanket and matching pillow that strap together for travel.  current retail price on this is $64.  fits in a large flat-rate package.  price:  $40

pottery barn baby/jj cole "bundle me" in pink - newborn/baby size.  goes in car seat or stroller, used a few times.  currently retails for $59, would fit in a large flat-rate package.   price:  $25

swimsuit from babygap, size 12-18 months, never worn.  i don't remember the retail price on it because i'm senile.  fits in an envelope for mailing.  price:  $5

okay, here's one of a few non-baby items.  it's a paul frank tote and still has the original tag on it.  i can't justify keeping it when i have about 947824590823745 other bags.  [sigh] fits in a small flat-rate package.  price:  $8

i know this picture is super blurry, but i'm too lazy to do a retake.  seriously.  anyway, it's a great unisex small paul diaper bag with original tags.  other paul frank bags are retailing for $80.  this would fit in a large flat-rate package.  price:  $40

beco baby carrier.  it's suitable for newborn to toddler up to 45 pounds.  super cute, has a pocket for keys and phone, and originally retailed for $130.  i never even took the bean out in this because i had such a ridiculous array of carriers.  this would fit in a medium flat-rate package.  price:  $50
SOLD! (wish i had about five of these things, because it had no less than five takers)

small paul "fundie" set in size 3T.  it's a cute little tank top with matching panties, and the bean has another set that crack me up whenever i put it on her.  this would fit in an envelope for mailing.  price:  $8

ah, how i hate to let the bumper go.  alas, the bean hasn't been in a crib in ages and i have less than zero reasons to keep it.  it's from pottery barn baby, has the dots on one side and stripes on the other.  it sat in the empty crib for months, since we co-slept, and is essentially brand new.  this item would be a little trickier to ship and i'd need to price it out, so i'm just going to wait and see if any of you are interested in it before i cart it all the way to the post office for a quote.  price:  $35

this is a cute little battery-operated chandelier and i paid $15 for it, took it home and promptly stuck it in a closet and forgot about it.  i'll toss the batteries in the medium flat-rate box.  price:  $10 SOLD!

another non-baby item by paul frank.  cosmetic bag, tags still attached, fits in an envelope.  price:  $8

paul frank wallet.  on a chain.  yeah.  i actually have two of them (don't ask), both for sale.  fits in a small flat-rate box (because the chain would likely make it too heavy for a plain envelope).  price:  $10

i have a feeling i'll totally take some teasing for this one, but i don't really care.  a 3-pack of paul frank tighty-whitey style thongs, totally new (because anything else would just be eleventy billion kinds of wrong) in size medium.  fits in a small flat-rate box.  price:  $5

and there you have it.  questions?  purchase requests?  leave a comment or e-mail me.


  1. I want the Pedoodles and the Fundie set!
    salliewren at gmail. com

  2. Aw heck and I want the monkey slippers too.

    salliewren at gmail.com

  3. I want the battery - operated chandelier, please! pam day 1 at verizon dot net

  4. I want the Paul Frank cosmetic bag please! SonasMom at gmail dot com :-)

  5. I want the Beco! ashleycharee at gmail

  6. FYI peeps. I went ahead and added up my total and sent her payment via paypal and notice that my choices are marked as sold. You might want to do the same so that you get your item!

  7. Hola. I'm interested in the Beco Baby Carrier! I'll send you an email as well.

  8. I'd like the black babylegs and the burp cloth. ampaulose at gmail dot com.

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