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Thursday, August 26, 2010

i'm lovin' it

after yet another long ass day of jury duty, i went to the mailbox to see if there was anything fun in there.  whenever a package is delivered for us, they put a little yellow card in there to let us know, and i was excited to see one.  i traded the card in for a good-sized box, and here's the address label:

last week, i'd received a direct message via twitter from @mcdonalds_socal, asking if i wanted to provide my address to receive a fun prize pack they were sending to promote their new fruit smoothies.  ironic, huh?  heh.  but i'm all about cool free stuff, so i was happy to oblige.

inside the box was a nice letter:

and underneath was this treasure trove of mickey d's paraphernalia:

a tee, a beach towel, a notebook and pen, a nice mccaf√© cold cup, and an "arch card" - what they call their gift cards - loaded with $10.  sah-weet!

there was one other fun envelope in the mailbox with this inside:

the nest had asked me a few months ago if they could use a couple of quotes from some posts i'd made on the message boards.  well, duh - we all know what an attention whore i am.  and whenever a "nestie" is quoted, they're entitled to a free copy of the magazine (which was previously subscription-only, but starting with this issue, it's available nationwide at newsstands and bookstores). 

ah, i love me some free shit.


  1. I wanna-be like Wan! You always get some cool free S*it! :)
    Btw- any update on your blog sale?

  2. The Nest Gods love you. I am jealousE.

  3. I looooooveeee free shit in the mail!! Best invention evah!


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