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Thursday, May 21, 2015

do you want me to assign someone to butter your muffin?

a few weeks ago, the bean's class had done a "donuts with dad" party.  this time, to go with mother's day, it was my turn:

we got all dressed up for the occasion.

when we arrived, the kids all disappeared into their classroom to make final preparations, and then one by one they came to pick us up and escort us to our seats.  it was very cute.

those handpainted frames also had a nice little note on the back:

we snacked on some tasty treats - cheese danish for me, chocolate muffin for the bean.

the entire class got up and recited a poem that they'd been working on memorizing for weeks.  each child was assigned a line, and they arranged themselves in order up at the front of the classroom and took turns saying their line until the end of the poem, which they ended with a sweet little song.

the grand finale had each of them going up to read a letter that they'd written to their mothers about why they love them.  mine thanked me for cleaning the house, cooking delicious food (such as beef stroganoff and spaghetti and meatballs) and complimented me on my cookiemaking skills.  it was super sweet, and lots of fun.

along with those handmade presents, mother's day also brought me lots of hugs from my family, a bouquet of flowers from the hub's office (something they do every year), and...renewal of our disneyland annual passes.  with the old lady's birthday at the same time, it was a joint gift.

ah, life is complete once again.  we're so excited to return to the 'land!

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