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Monday, May 11, 2015

WAY better than turndown service

before i get into recapping the insane weekend of running 19.3 miles in two days, i've got to share the awesomeness of the previous weekend first.  because it was amazing and fantastic and wonderful, and you deserve to hear all about it.

after the bean and i were stuffed full of mrs. knott's chicken dinner, we hopped back into the car for a super short ride across the street to check in here:

once we'd taken care of business at the front desk, we turned around and found a friend waiting to greet us.

i'm a lifelong snoopy fan, and i think this may have been more exciting for me than the bean - and she was pretty damn stoked over it all.  she couldn't stop talking about meeting snoopy all the way up to our room, and then we both had ear-to-ear grins as we walked down the hall towards our room.

when we got inside, we dropped our bags on the floor and hopped right onto one of the super adorable beds.

i was keeping an eye on the clock, because i had a fantastic surprise coming and i wanted to make sure we were ready.  when i suggested that we change into our pajamas, i was met with no resistance whatsoever.

the teen was working that evening, but was coming down to spend the night with us and then hit up the park the next day.  so when we heard a knock, i told the bean to head over and open the door.  when she did, this happened:

i don't even have words to describe how great the next few minutes was - for both of us.  snoopy is just the best.  he ushered the bean over towards the bed and motioned for her to get in, and then he painstakingly straightened the covers on one side:

and then shuffled over and patted them down on the other.

he leaned over and gave her a goodnight kiss.

all that tucking in business must've tuckered him right out, because he stopped to take a quick break at the end of the bed while the bean beamed in the background.

and then it was over.  he headed out the door and with a final goodbye wave, he was off to tuck in the next kid.

it was super adorable, and the bean was overwhelmed by what had just gone down, right there in that very room.

she had to get up and pace a bit to work it all out in her head.

and finally, after all that excitement, she got back into bed and slowly relaxed and wound down enough to make like snoopy and fall asleep.

pretty cool, huh?  we both kind of wished that he would come and tuck us in every night.  how great would that be?


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