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Friday, June 3, 2016

unlucky #13

it's been a while since i gave in to the temptation of a surprise box from stitch fix.  i was receiving them pretty regularly for a while there, but when i was finding myself disappointed more often than delighted, i decided it was time to take a break.

but with summer coming and a handful of fun things planned out that i could use some new clothes for, i thought maybe it was time to give it a shot again.  so i logged in, made a few notes and updates to my style profile, and scheduled a fix.  it arrived about three weeks later:

i was really excited to see what had come, so i was a little bummed when the first thing i pulled out was something i didn't want or need - a handbag.

now mind you, the bag is cute.  i could totally use it and it would definitely work with pretty much everything i wear.  but i really don't need another purse, and so i set it aside to place into the prepaid envelope for returns.

the rest of the shipment was equally disappointing.  i don't really love button-down tops, and yellow/mustard/gold is my least favorite color.  it's one of the handful i know doesn't work on me, and this top was no different:

the old lady really liked this one, but i wasn't a huge fan of it for myself.  and with a pretty hefty price tag, we decided to pass on it too.

the only dress in the package was just okay.  it was a bit too small anyway, and so it wasn't hard to set it aside along with the bag and the other tops.

this is the only piece i ended up keeping.  i'll actually wear it, and it's cute enough to wear for all sorts of occasions.

not to mention, it was the cheapest option out of the bunch.  check out the invoice:

i went back into my style profile to add a few more comments and requests (and to eliminate handbags from the list of things i want to receive), so i'm going to give it one more shot next month.  cross your fingers.

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