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Friday, January 4, 2019

keeping up christmas morning traditions

as per usual, christmas morning started with the bean running into our room to wake us up.  "it's christmas!  it's christmas!" she shouted as she ran from room to room.  and it's pretty much the only morning of the year that we're all super happy to get up and get the day going regardless of what time it might be.  reminds me of back in the day when the old lady had to be at her dad's by 8am and we'd have to set a really early alarm to make sure we could get our christmas present opening session done before we had to hop in the car.

mollydog was a little less excited than the rest of us, taking her sweet time to roll out of bed and join in the fun.

stevie was perfectly happy to nestle in the old lady's arms and take a family photo.

as always, we started off with our stockings.  we'd hung them on the entertainment center this year due to our lack of fireplace.  hopefully by next year we'll have the final piece of the backyard completed and we'll have a proper place to hang them for santa.

during one of our bazillion target runs, the old lady had pointed at this giant ferrero rocher and said "that is the one thing i really hope to find in my stocking this year."  actually, her exact words were "if that's not in my stocking on christmas day, i'm going to THROW A FIT."

funny thing - by the time i went back to target on a solo trip to pick it up, they were all sold out.  i panicked a little until i stopped at the grocery store the next day and found a whole pile of them - on sale, to boot.  phew. thanks for saving christmas, albertsons.

the bean made sure that mollydog got to go through her stocking, too.

stevie was also pretty happy with the stuff he found in his own stocking.  like a little kid, he kept getting distracted and stopping to play extensively with each item he pulled out.

and in keeping with the doggy pattern this year, presents from the old lady and her special friend came wrapped in this paper.  i stopped to admire her perfect paper alignment on this one before ripping it open to see what was inside.

the bean was stoked about the pile of presents she was opening, which included almost everything on her list.  santa had brought her the copic sketch markers she'd had at the top of her list, and she was torn between busting them open to start drawing and tearing through the rest of her gifts.

the hub was slightly less enchanted with the gag gift i'd picked up for him.  heh.

i had a pretty sweet stack of presents myself, which included some awesome makeup, pretty bracelets and the new reese witherspoon book from the old lady and her special friend.  i also unwrapped a bunch of fantastic new lululemon gear and some kate spade items i was super thrilled to receive.

the old lady and her special friend seemed to be pretty delighted with their loot as well.  she'd found the apple watch that santa had brought for her, which was perfectly timed.  see what i did there?

it was time for our annual breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls, and molly came trotting in to make sure i didn't forget her morning meal.

meanwhile, stevie and the old lady went out into the backyard to run around a little (and make sure he didn't steal molly's food).

ahhhh, breakfast.  even better washed down with a mimosa served in a disney wine glass.

the tree looked so sad with the presents that had been underneath all gone.

and of course, our annual family christmas pajamas group photo.  it's a requirement.  i love that even the dogs had matching pajamas this year.

and then the group broke up into separate directions.  the old lady, her special friend and stevie headed off to spend some time with her dad, the hub disappeared to enjoy a cigar in the back yard (and then to the lounge to check on his regulars who always trickle in on all the holidays), and the bean and i spent the entire day in our pajamas in front of the tv.  it was glorious.

i still can't believe it's over.  it goes way too fast.  but it was wonderful and full of love and fun and laughter, just the way it should be.

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