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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i'm such a follower.

everybody else is doing it, whether out of boredom, lack of free time, what have you.

what the hell am i talking about?

well, i was thinking last night that my posts have been pretty stinking boring. i mean, the most exciting thing i had on tap for reporting today was the fact that i'd made a spinach lasagna from scratch, went to target with MIL and the bean, and ended up going out for chinese food instead.


maybe it's time to take a break and see if life gets more exciting. blogging hiatus?

we'll see.


  1. No!! I read your blog every day. Anything you do in So.Cal. is more interesting than my cubicle in New England!

  2. No way! I love to read your blog,you are always having fun and visiting places that are way better than anything we have here in the midwest!

  3. this is why my blogging has gotten sparser as the summer has dragged on. if i have nothing to say, i just don't.

    but then again i don't have the following you and the monkey do, so i don't have to worry about my already low numbers dipping if i take a few days or a week off.

  4. i love your blog and look forward to your adventures but i can see why would want to take a break. i will miss reading it everyday! i dont think your posts are zzzzzz!

  5. you have a much more exciting life than me - then again, that's not too difficult. ha!

  6. So ridiculous - my guess is that this is 1% about you wanting to quit and 125% about you wanting (no, needing) positive affirmation from a bunch of people you've never met. Pathetic.

  7. Everything I want to say Tater already said. Figures ;-)

  8. I *heart* you and your blog - but considering I just went through the EXACT same thing I totally get it. A break isn't so bad since my google reader will just let me know when you come back. :-)

  9. Hey Pamela, who shit in your Cheerios this morning?

    Narcissism is the main drive behind most every blog, but our dear friend Wan, here is very down to Earth and relatable, thus her large following.

    Don't be jealous, hater!

  10. P.S. Anonymous comments that do not allow anyone to see your blog or profile, or even contact you with a follow-up are cowardly. That's as shameful as commenting anonymously. Weak suck!

  11. I mean every little bit of what I'm about to say:

    Pamela, suck it. The fact that you found it necessary to even make the effort to say something rude and unwarranted shows that you yourself are also trying to draw some attention. Good job. You're lame. I'm lame. We're all lame. But I don't feel like I have to attack someone I don't know to feel better about myself.

    Cousin, I love you! I know my comment to Pamela is immature and inappropriate, so you can delete it if you wanna. I probably stooped to her level but that shit makes me furious.

    CageQueen, props. I'd high five you if I could.

  12. Hi..This is my first time commenting on you blog and have to say that I LOVE reading about your daily adventures. I love how they are so random and at the same time take me away from my boring day-to-day routine.
    Please don't stay away too long!!

  13. Um ok Pamela. I say, if you feel like you need a break, take it. But I know I'll miss reading it and seeing the pictures. At least I have other avenues to get my fix of you. =)

  14. Wan, I've been reading quietly for over a year and have never been bored by your blog. I like that it reflects your life and how hillarious you are. I understand a break, we all need breaks, but please do not quit forever! I'll miss you, the teen and the bean, hub too.

  15. Dear Pamela,

    Um, unless your browser is set to automatically pull this blog up when you open Internet Explorer, you have to take time out of your day to visit Wan's blog. Which means that you took time out of your obviously fabulous life to, um, just be a total snatch?

    Someone did more than piss in your Cheerios, honey. Because nasty like that just ain't necessary.

    So back to your clearly awesome and happy life, Pamela. Back to it! And leave those of us with lives not nearly as awesome to ourselves.

    Keep doing your thing, Wan, if you want and are inspired to continue to do so. The world is full of nasty cuntbags. I just had no idea so many of them could read and type coherently!

  16. this makes me sad, however if you need a break i will definitely be here when you decide to come back :)

  17. I'd be sad without your blog. And Pamela is ugly.

  18. Nooooooooooooooo! I love your frequent updates!

  19. goddddd wannn, all you want us to doooo is compliment youuuuuuu... you're just fiiiishing for complimmeeennnts...

    um. NO. wan happens to be one ass-kicking woman! who we love! even if we've never gotten to squee together in real life! and wan, don't you DARE go away. i neeeeeeeed you.


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