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Thursday, July 30, 2009

psh, who am i kidding?

i can't go on hiatus. i'm too addicted to this freaking blog to stop for any length of time, unless we're off on vacay or something. and even then, i've figured out how to post with the iPhone. heh.

i suppose you could say that i'm 126% committed. wouldn't you agree?

i think i was just in a funk the other day. i didn't want to be in the office, i knew the teen and the bean were having fun at home, and i wasn't feeling my typical happy self. what a difference a day makes, though, huh?

and what a day it was! when i left the office after my grueling four-hour shift, i headed straight home, did not pass go, did not collect $200, scooped up the girls and MIL, and used our annual passes for this place:

i just have a few teaser pics to share, because i'm in the midst of whipping up a batch of these, courtesy of a link from my friend ssinca. i have quite a comical story to tell about the process - and i'm not even completely done with them yet! oh, man. i sure hope they're worth the trouble.

so, back to universal studios. it was butt ass hot out there, and so the bean and i took advantage of the curious george-themed waterplay area and got drenched:

and then we hopped into a photo booth and took these:

i love my teen.

we ended our afternoon of fun enjoying a delicious dinner at versailles. mmm, garlic chicken.

before we left, the teen took the opportunity to snap this:

ah, it's good to be back. after my one-day blogging hiatus. dahahahahahaha!


  1. Glad you're back because I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself at work if I couldn't read your blog. haha

  2. Welcome back! I love your blog and glad you didn't really go on hiatus! :)

  3. Thank goodness! I need something to keep me occupied at work. ;)

  4. We ate at the Versailles stand at about 8:30ish. Too bad we missed you!

  5. Ya know, it was all I could do not to fixate on the 126% the other day; there were bigger issues to address. LOL.

    I went to Universal a few years back and it wasn't as fun for me. I think going with kids probably makes that sort of thing ten times more fun.

  6. "Pamela" was right, such an AW!!! ;)

    Just kidding. YAY!!! Seeing you in my reader made my day. I miss Universal Studios. It's been a while...

  7. I haven't been to Universal in years! The last time I went I was chaperoning a group of about 15 high school juniors - not exactly ideal. The time before that we were kicked out of a club and told never to return.......now THAT'S a good "not appropriate for children' story.

  8. i suppose you could say that i'm 126% committed. wouldn't you agree?

    Awesome. I totally just snarfed my drink.

    You owe me a clean computer keyboard.

  9. i request that my face be cheesily photoshopped in some of those universal studios photos, maybe some cheap scrawling with paint, a la perez hilton.

    the only thing i ask is you don't make anything look like it's dripping from my mouth :/

    PS. yes I'm procrastinating from finals.

  10. two thumbs up for your 126% committed-ness (if that is even a word).

    looks like universal studios was a blast, i've only been there once many many moons ago. i must return

  11. haven't been there in ages. mmm...versailles.

  12. Ha! I knew you couldn't keep away from all the blogging fun. I love the photobooth picture. So cute.

  13. wow, the teen just gets more beautiful by the day.

    also, my friend and i say "butt ass hot" and we thought we made that up. it's proof that we were meant to be pals.

  14. you are such an AW, we knew you couldn't stay away for too long!

  15. Sounds like a fun day. Love that tank you're wearing, btw. Cute!

  16. Welcome back harr harr! Looks like fun - you're such a lucky girl. =)


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