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Saturday, July 11, 2009

what's next, cigarettes and whisky?

i have a few random tidbits that i wanted to share. let's do bullet points, shall we? whee!
  • a couple of evenings ago, when the hub was off having dinner with a client, i was making a batch of blue-box mac & cheese to share with the bean. as i stood at the stove, stirring in that totally natural-looking orange powder with the noodles, she came up to me wearing the biggest, happiest, most angelic smile ever. kind of like this one:

    i grinned back at her and then happened to glance out into the living room, where i spied her open diaper kicking it on the floor. i whipped my head back around to find her happily patting her bare nekkid nether regions, still with that ginormous grin on her face. i about peed my pants, it was so funny. and so it begins...

  • mollydog finally got herself all bathed and pretty. she hadn't been to the groomer's since her summer buzz cut, over a month ago. she smells good again, and the fur has grown out quite a bit - but not enough to get it buzzed again.

  • the bean is just like her mama. right on the heels of my appearance in glamour magazine, she's completely one-upped me with this:

    after all the e-mails back and forth and the quickie photo shoot several months ago, my baby's finally in print! the nest magazine doesn't have a wide circulation from what i can tell (i can't even find it in any of my local stores), but that's cool - she's still a supermodel. work it, girl!

  • i'd bought this cute little halter top for the bean at old navy weeks ago, shoved it in a drawer, and promptly forgot about it. i finally found it this morning as i was looking for something to dress her in today, and since it's been butt-ass hot lately, the timing was perfect. and it is SO freaking cute:

    why is it that armpit chub is so ghastly on grown women, but on babies, it's freaking adorable? i want to bite it.

  • my friend lilcee was shopping at costco this week, and how do i know this? well, she e-mailed me this picture:

    OH. MAH. GAH. i was so stoked, i could hardly stand it. alas, i searched through three different grocery stores and came up with nada. zip. zilch. i could've hit up my own costco, i'm sure, but if you look closely at that photo, you'll see that i'd have THREE POUNDS of these things. i really doubt i will, but what if i try one and hate it? that would suck. not to mention, i'll most definitely be the only one eating 'em. well, the bean would probably dig in, too. in any case, i guess i'll just have to keep looking for a smaller package.

  • okay, sooooo...i like to think i'm a pretty laid-back mom. you can tell me if i'm fooling myself, it's cool - but i really believe i'm the opposite of uptight about most things. but a couple of weeks ago, MIL was telling me about having breakfast with the bean and the hub one morning, during which she'd dipped a spoon in her coffee and gave the bean a little taste. and, of course, she loved it. it was full of vanilla-flavored creamer and sugar, after all. i wasn't thrilled with this, but the hub was obviously okay with it and so i just let it go. in the grand scheme of things, it really isn't a huge deal - it's not like she's getting vast quantities of caffeinated beverages in her sippy cup or anything.

    but she's obviously figured things out for herself. the hub came home with two venti iced nonfat upside-down caramel macchiatos yesterday afternoon, and when he set his down on one end of the changing table, the little sneak managed to get her paws on it and was taking huge gulps of it before we could grab it. oy vey.

    no, she didn't down an entire venti espresso drink. the hub sucked it down and then gave her the empty cup. i just grabbed the camera a little late.

    by the way, "upside-down" when ordering at starbucks means that the drink is stirred together rather than layered in the cup, like they're normally prepared. i really dislike taking a giant sip of my beverage and ending up with a mouthful of straight espresso. yeah, i'm a wuss. i know it.

  • as soon as she'd sucked up the last bit of caramel sauce from the bottom of that cup, she toddled her little butt into the bedroom, where the hub was packing for a night up in big bear, helping his folks and g-wan get her cabin in order. and since the man can't seem to go anywhere (especially when the girls and i aren't tagging along) without toting a cigar (or four), he'd laid a few out on the bed and walked away to grab his cigar case. of course, little miss sticky fingers made her way over as soon as he turned his back, and - well, you can guess what happened next.

    so is it really wrong that rather than snatch it and put the thing up on a table, out of reach, i instead lunged for my phone to take a picture?

    all i can say is, hey - at least it's a high-quality cigar. ahahahaha! and she yanked that thing right out of her mouth as soon as she got a taste of that nasty shit. the look on her face was pretty comical.

  • i've got some fun times planned for the weekend. and baconfest is alive and well, even after thursday's shenanigans! i'll report back in detail next week, but here's a hint.

    oh yeah, baby. you know you want some. heh. and if not, more for me!

  • today is 7-11 - it's free slurpee saturday! go get you one. they're giving away 5 million of them today. you can thank me later. i accept payment in bacon.
have a lovely weekend, one and all!


  1. - The Bean is so funny :)
    - Mollydog is all cute and fuzzy!
    - Next, we're going to see the Bean in Vogue or somethin'. Hee.
    - I am 90% sure I saw Spam hot dogs yesterday at my Albertsons because I, too, immediately thought of you when I saw it.
    - I wouldn't want my child to learn to like coffee too at such an early age. I'm pretty sure my intelligence stopped increasing after age 12 because of coffee.

  2. The other day, when LMN was ever-so-loving to me, I had the fleeting thought, "Hey, maybe I could do this."

    After reading this, I'm back to "nope."

  3. the good thing is the bean didn't like the taste of cigars so hopefully she'll stay far away now. the bad news is she seems to like coffee. :/

  4. I think The Nest magazine is subscription-only. I think I read that on This Young House when they were featured in it.

  5. The Bean is too funny. I can't tell you how many times I've left my purse on a table at work and found my whole class digging through it. They are usually looking for three things 1. gum 2. loose change 3. my iPhone, which 80% of them know how to turn on.

  6. omg, the bean is famous!!!!! that pic is great!

  7. Yay for the bean in a magazine. :)
    Love that halter top on her, so cute!


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