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Thursday, July 2, 2009

so boring and predictable

as i seem to do every four to eight weeks since the first time i took the plunge and chopped all of my hair off, i made an appointment to see my friend rochelle for a melon reshaping. my hair was all grown out and shaggy-looking, and i was way overdue for a maintenance cut.

and as i always do, i whipped myself up into a nice frenzy, trying to figure out what i wanted to do with it. something new and different, maybe a little edgier than usual? or settle back into a nice, safe 'do - comfortable, easy, familiar? i spent a few hours over the last several days looking at pictures online of different styles and cuts, ultimately finding nothing that truly captivated me.

i'd hoped to get in this weekend, but of course i somehow forgot that it was a holiday weekend. so when i called to make an appointment, i was faced with the option of jumping right into it and taking a next-day open slot or waiting until next week. well, the latter simply wouldn't do - when i get the bug up my ass to change up my hair, it eats away at me and i just have to get it dome immediately. i'm all about instant gratification like that, and besides, i realized over the hot ass weekend that i've lost any tolerance i used to have for the feeling of hair on the back of my neck. the beauty of this length is that ponytails are unnecessary, because it's already so short that i don't have to do shit. not to mention, it was taking me more time to dry and style it in the mornings, and i lack patience. heh.

so just before 2:00, i left the teen to get some quality time in with her sister and headed to the salon. i knew i'd only be gone for an hour-ish, and the teen was excited to play with the bean.

it was lovely to see rochelle again, as always, and we chatted and caught up while she worked her magic. and in the end, i chickened out and went the safe route - a classic bob cut:

but the back is super cool - i asked her not to stack and layer the shit out of it this time, and i like the end result. it's still short, easy to style, and has just enough volume.

i'm anxious to wash, dry, and style it for myself - i won't flatiron it as much, and i'll find my root lifter and texturizer so we can see how it looks with a little extra bounce to it. and perhaps next time i'll suck it up and go for something a little more rockstar-y. we'll see.

i found this picture with seven and the teen from a couple of years ago. i was well into my second trimester with the bean here. look at how long my hair was! seems to me that i looked a little more...matronly than i do now, but maybe that's just me.

oh well, at least we looked cute.


  1. i love your hair! you described me and my hair cutting needs to a T. i too am very impatient and when i want it cut, i mean NOW. you look so pretty pregnant, you definitely glow!!

  2. Great hair!!! I agree, much better than the longer 'do.

  3. I <3 the back!

    And how did I never notice the new cupcake background? I must live under a rock.

  4. v. nice! and tame, unlayered for rochelle. ;).

    i really gotta get my hairs cut. still growing out my last rochelle cut...

  5. I love it, as usual - very modern and sophisticated!

    I have an appt next week with a new guy, very nervous!!

  6. Short hair suits you so well. I don't even recognize you in your long hair pics.

  7. You can definitely rock the short hair. I like it.

  8. I don't think you and matronly ever belong in the same sentence.

  9. I love you in short hair. So chic and fun!


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