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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

isn't she a dish?

based on tips from my friends thatgirl, tater, and CBB, i decided to make some coffee ice cubes for my newest obsession with homemade iced coffee. i stirred up my usual batch of the cold brew on friday, and since the hub was out for the weekend, i made myself a glass and then poured the rest into my ice cube tray. too bad i ended up short by one cube. heh.

i took a bunch of those delicious bacon caramels and put them in a couple of little boxes for my breakfast dates, lilcee and r. but they looked so plain and boring. and then i remembered that i still had something i could use in my bag. bacon band-aids to the rescue!

after i picked up the teen and BFF at her house, we headed off to dish in lovely la cañada.

the small parking lot was completely full, and we ended up doing a few circles before finally settling on a spot on the street, just around the corner from the restaurant. we ooh'd and aah'd over some of the gorgeous houses in the neighborhood - la cañada is so awesome.

despite our circling, we still managed to be the first to arrive. the place was super cute inside, and we were seated at a nice big table, tucked away in our own little corner.

the ladies arrived, with baby cee snoozing away happily in her car seat. she's ADORABLE! look at those toes - don't you just wanna bite 'em?

the bean looked over. "bee-beeeeeeee," she pointed. and then she went right back to tossing her crayons on the floor.

r and BFF ordered some freshly-squeezed OJ. it looked good, but i stuck to plain old water.

the food came out fairly quickly, thank goodness - just as the bean was starting to hit bottom and get a little antsy.

waffles for the teen and BFF:

r's brie and applewood smoked bacon omelet. this looked delish.

lilcee's short stack of pancakes with banana cream and side of brown sugar ham.

the bean reached for her french toast as it was set down in front of her.

i went with a simple combo - eggs (which i gave to the bean), some of that brown sugar ham, and the fluffiest, chewiest, loveliest pancakes ever.

we had a great time, munching and chatting and laughing, with baby cee snoozing the entire time. i love when babies can sleep through all sorts of noise. makes life so much easier.

after we parted ways, the girls and i headed to the americana at brand to do a little shopping. the forever 21 store there is the best one around, with two giant floors full of all sorts of choices - including a slightly exclusive line that the store recently debuted. i had money burning a hole in my pocket, and boy, did it go up in a fabulously stylish puff of smoke. but i desperately needed a wardrobe update, and i knew forever 21 would have lots o'cute stuff for cheap. i managed to walk out with seven tops, three dresses, a pair of shorts, three necklaces and three pairs of earrings - all for just under $200. whee!

on our way to drop off BFF, we passed by the brightest, pinkest moving truck i've ever seen.

we remembered that it was slurpee saturday, and swung into 7-11 to pick up our free slushy.

with the bean strapped in the car seat, i waited in the parked car while the girls went in the store. they were grumbling about the small size of the freebie, and as i picked mine up to take a picture, i realized why it was so petite:

we took BFF home, picked up my dear cousin seven, and then we were off to our next adventure. whew! quite a busy, fun-filled saturday.


  1. This post didn't show up in my reader. Weird.

  2. i've been having the same issues as weemo, but this one showed up.

    i have never gotten a free slurpee on my bday.

    love that the bean called lil-lilcee a beebee. heh.

  3. So many cute babies! F21 gives me a headache every time I go there :-P I haven't had a slurpee since . . . when the Simpsons movie came out and I drove out to a 7-11 just to see the movie promo decorations.

  4. I've passed this place many times going to Home Goods. I'll have to try it out. You didn't give us the verdict on the caramels!

  5. Oooh the Dish looks cute! Love the bacon band-air touch!

  6. Jim and I went to Dish several months ago - the food was yummy!


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