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Friday, July 24, 2009

SFAMily, the next generation

i met up with a fun group of gals the other day - nanette and 9-month-old em, lilcee and 2-month-old baby cee, and winnie. and winnie's camera. haha!

the spot was lacy park in sch-wanky san marino. i hadn't been here in years, but it was just as big and beautiful as i remembered it. and yeah, it was butt ass hot outside, but lilcee and i managed to find a nice shady spot under a big tree.

despite MIL's best efforts, the bean hadn't cooperated with her attempts to put her down for an early nap that day. of course, the moment we hopped onto the freeway, i peeked into the backseat and she was out like a light. *sigh* she was so tired, i managed to transfer her from car to stroller, and she blinked a couple of times but ended up spending most of our visit like this:

adorable em is such a happy baby. she's in that fun stage where she's discovering solid foods, and she made some funny faces as her mommy handed her some puffs to snack on.

sweet baby cee also gave us some face time. and tummy time.

em gave me some gorgeous smiles, although it was usually after i'd put the camera down. i got lucky at least once, though.

and she showed us her standing-up skillz.

and then she was pooped. i love that she's totally giving me the side eye in this picture - "WTF are you looking at?"

these are true SFAMily babies. group shot! too bad the bean looked afraid of the other two. em just played along with a smile. and baby cee put up with it for a minute-ish, and then she was done.

so much fun! baby GTGs are the greatest.


  1. Maybe the bean slept because she didn't want to play with "babies" I mean, after all she's practically a teenager now.

  2. This is like the 90210 / Melrose Place next generation, but way better. The Bean on her own looks so tiny, but standing next to Em and Baby Cee she looks so much older! As a non-mother I'm amazed by how much babies grow in two years.

  3. Sweet, sweet girls. I look forward to them playing together in the years to come! SFAM 2.0 Power!

  4. Hey, that park is right near the church we got married in...remember that?!

  5. The bean looks so BIG next to baby Cee!

  6. so many cute babies! my ovaries are aching.



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