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Thursday, July 23, 2009

makin' bacon right again

i ran out of bacon.

well, at least, i thought i had - after using up the last of my precious pork stash during last night's bacon toffee disaster, i figured i'd need to stop at the grocery store to pick up some more. after all, the house of wan is incomplete if bacon isn't present.

and then i remembered something. my mom had come by over the weekend for a fun, impromptu visit, and she'd arrived bearing gifts. fresh from a trip to banff, she had a box of maple vanilla cookies for me, along with a new "blue's clues" DVD for the bean - and a plethora of meat-based products from her freezer. since she'd gone veg a few months ago, she had no need for the stuff, and i gladly took it all off her hands. part of the bonanza was half a pack of frozen bacon. score!

i admit it - i probably need an intervention at this point. but hey - chocolate-covered bacon is super easy to do, and i already knew it would be delicious based on my experience at baconfest a couple of weeks ago. plus, i'm starting to run out of bacon + sweet recipes to try. i may very well be done torturing you with this stuff...maybe.

i'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate. and we've had a stash of these dark chocolate hershey's kisses for quite a while. i was glad to finally have a good use for them.

in an effort to save myself some work (and to try and keep the house from smelling too bacon-y for two days in a row), i just broiled the cut pieces in my convection oven. easy peasy.

i unwrapped a bunch of those kisses and put them in my pyrex bowl, and then placed it over a couple of inches of simmering water in a saucepan.

dip, flip, sprinkle. as i'd learned at the fair, a little salt on the top of the chocolate really intensifies the flavor of this little treat.

all done! i popped the tray in the fridge to set, and it was done in a jiffy.

and it's delicious. mmmmmmm. almost makes up for the toffee trainwreck.



  1. Yummmmm chocolate-covered bacon is surprisingly delicious! Five stars!

  2. I've seen very delicious looking bacon cookies and I think if you take a basic fresh maple donut and put a strip of bacon on top, that too is very delicious.

    Oh, when I was pregnant, I hate a grilled bacon and peanut butter sandwich. It was truly awesome.

  3. I'm thinking a bacon intervention is in order.


  4. 1) You need to find a butcher
    2) I was watching a show on the travel channel? Food network? And part of it took place on the Santa Cruz boardwalk where "they claim" chocolate covered bacon was invented. I thought of you instantly.
    3) Your next challenge is to play with different chocolate/bacon combination. How do you think it'd be with a little chile pepper/powder mixed in? Or maple? Or caramel?

  5. Swoon.
    Wiping drool from my chin.

  6. Two of my favorite foods. Holey hell. I'm totally craving now.


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