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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

no me gusta. sort of.

we were all sad when sunday rolled around. it meant the end of a lovely long weekend, with a return to the salt mines looming in the near future. boo.

the first sunday of every month is communion sunday - and although we've been slightly lazy about going to church in recent months, we do make the effort to attend for that. it's always nice to sit there and do a little soul-searching and reflecting on our lives, and leave with a clean slate and a fresh start. and we started off our morning doing just that.

then, since we were with a bunch of old folks - the grandparents and great-grandma - we found ourselves at one of their favorite eateries: souplantation. although i do know at least one person that's far from senior citizen status who adores this place. heh.

afterwards, we headed home ostensibly to change, but somehow ended up staying put for several hours while the bean indulged in another of her super long naps. the plan was to meet at the grandparents' to watch the dodger game and then head down to the beach to cool off and find dinner, but by the time we got out the door, it was a little late to make the drive.

after debating several other possible destinations, we ended up heading out to glendale - the americana at brand.

we managed to score a sweet ass spot right in front of the elevators. i always take that as a sign that good times lie ahead.

having ridden with the ILs, we had no stroller to roll the bean around in. she ended up doing her peoplewatching from a great vantage point - the hub's shoulders.

she was transfixed by this shiny statue, and as she got down from her lofty perch, we had to hold her back from diving right into the water.

as for dinner, we ended up here:

we put our name on the list, and it was a blessedly short wait before we were called in and escorted to a table.

while we perused the menus, i handed the bean a snack cup with some lucky charms cereal inside, and she got busy hunting for marshmallows.

the distraction didn't last long, though, and not content with sitting quietly in the high chair, FIL took her out for a walk, where she was immediately captivated by the sight and sound of the mariachi band playing out on the patio.

while they were gone, the hub, MIL, and i munched on the chips and salsa on the table. the chips were fresh and crunchy, but the two cups of salsa - one green, one red - were pretty gross. the green was tolerable, but the red one tasted like barbecue sauce or some shit like that. i never knew you could fuck up chips and salsa.

our server was pretty shitty, too. she slunk around the restaurant, looking dazed and confused, and took forever and a freaking day to come back and take our order. we had to literally flag her ass down to get her to stop at our table. and she brought two of the five drinks requested, then stood at the end of the restaurant and gaped at the floor for a while before finally returning with the rest of our beverages. it was terrible and frustrating.

not surprisingly, our entrees were delivered by someone other than our server. maybe she fell asleep in a corner or something. anyway, i was delighted with my tacos de langosta - sauteed lobster meat, tomatoes, black beans, and rice in a soft flour tortilla.

the others weren't nearly as pleased with their choices. "this is the blandest mexican food i've ever had," said the hub. coupled with the disastrous chips and salsa, i'm thinking we won't be returning ever again.

frida's doesn't offer a kids' menu. instead, they mark some of the entrees in their menu with a little symbol to indicate that smaller portions are available. for the bean, we chose simple chicken tacos.

she liked picking them apart, eating chunks of melted cheese and chopped chicken. the rice went over pretty well, too. but the biggest hit on her plate was...the wedge of lime.

despite that sourpuss face, she couldn't get enough of it. she popped that lime in her mouth time and time again. silly bean.

just before we left, the mariachi band returned from a break and walked around the restaurant, playing at each table. the bean was again captivated and clapped and danced to the music.

outside, we headed to the big lawn area and let her run wild.

so, while it wasn't a perfect outing, it was still nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air, walk around, and peoplewatch. quite a lovely way to end our long, leisurely weekend.


  1. Bad Mexican food makes me sad. Even just reading about it puts a frown on my face.

  2. what the monkey said. and you can definitely f up salsa.

    at burger bar, they gave the bear PACE PICANTE, no joke. and he paid like $1 for it as a topping on his burger. tsk tsk, hubert keller.

  3. Add me to the list as the second person who likes Souplantation. Is it gourmet? No. However, it is quick the food is replenished frequently and there is nothing better than salad on a hot day. I wouldn't exactly bring a client there but this should tell you how much I like it: the one by my house was busted for food-borne illness, twice, and I still eat there. I blame the patrons for not washing their hands, and not the staff, who always appear diligent.

  4. In that last picture, the bean kinda looks like me dogs do when they're taking a pooper.

  5. ::hanging head in shame::

    I, too, am a fan of the 'plant. they have tasty cornbread!

  6. I can't believe I know TWO Plantation lovers. Yikes. I'm sad for effed up salsa.

  7. Geez. Even Taco Bell doesn't mess up Mexican food! Well, at least in my shabby opionion, lol. Hooray for outings with the fam and wooot for the Plant!

  8. Random lurker trying to comment more often...I just tried your iced coffee recipe. Ah-mazing. I can't believe how un-bitter it is! I do need to pick up some of that syrup though. It's not quite the same without it.

  9. I love looking at pics of the bean, she is too adorable!

  10. Sad Frida wasn't good. I've been to the one in BH and liked it.

    Love the bean pics!


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