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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fabulous, crafty wan

as i walked into joann's yesterday to pick up a couple of supplies, i learned that march is national crafts month. and while i'm always working on one thing or another at any given moment anyway, i've decided to challenge myself and have vowed to do something crafty every day this month. i don't have pictures to share yet, but i finally put the zipper in the dress i'm making for the teen and had her try it on. it's going to require a few alterations, but for the most part, it's done! i moved right into a new project - operation laptop sleeves. i cut out the materials for the first one, which i'm making for my friend 10yearstogether, and i hope it turns out nicely. cross your fingers for me.

so last week i mentioned an interest in stella & dot, the jewelry company that had a mini-fundraiser at the junior league meeting. since that evening, i've spent some time looking at their website, checking out other stylists' feedback on twitter and facebook, and drooling over the current "look book."

and as i perused the "events" page on the company's site, i saw that the founder of the company was scheduled to make an appearance to speak to current and prospective stylists right here in pasadena. i decided that it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the whole thing and meet some people who are excited and passionate about what they do.

after a little shuffling of my schedule [wink, wink], i found a great parking spot and strolled into lovebirds bakery.

as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the cafe, it took about a nanosecond for me to spot this sign and the disgustingly pretty blonde who was setting up the meeting.

swag bags! okay, sort of. inside the girly bag and behind the tissue was another copy of the current "look book," a brochure with the nitty-gritty details on becoming a stylist, and a DVD (which i have yet to peruse).

of course, pieces from the current collection were also on display.

a sample starter kit for new stylists.

she may smack me for posting this picture, but it's the only one i got of her - this lady is the one and only stylist who holds a "director" position for stella & dot in all of southern california. and she only signed up last summer!

this is the founder of the company, jessica herrin. turns out she was also a co-founder of weddingchannel.com. iiiiiinteresting. and yup, i took a picture with her. ha!

so yeah, okay. after a lot of thought (and the knowledge that i'll be the first stylist in my area), i've decided to go for it. hell, why not? if nothing else, i'll get to meet new people, make some new friends, a little cash, and add some pretty awesome accessories to my wardrobe. like, there was a lady there who arrived in a simple black tee, a pair of jeans, and a basic jacket - but what jazzed her ensemble up considerably was the addition of one necklace and a couple of bangle bracelets. that's what i want - to look fabulous and put-together with little effort.

remember, i'm lazy as hell. heh.


  1. Good luck on your new venture! You're going to be the accessories queen soon enough.

  2. Cool, best of luck! I am the worst at accesorizing. I just never put the effort in. It makes such a difference though.

  3. Lazy!?
    Well, it is time to change that!! I think you will be inspired to work because you are having SO much fun!!

    Can't wait to get you started & welcome to our team!!

  4. Hi - I read(stalk) your blog - i am also a stylist for Stella & Dot. I'll email you my info

  5. Yay! Good luck on your new business :) Do you know what the difference is between Stella&Dot and Lia Sophia?

  6. That jewelry is adorable! I am notorious for losing jewelry but that stuff would make me stab someone if I lose it. :-)

  7. Good luck with your new business venture!


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