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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

jewels and cookies and bacon, oh my!

okay, so i mentioned last week that i'd pulled the trigger and signed up to be a stella & dot stylist. i'm a stylist! i giggle and snort every time i think about it. but i like it, because it's all girly and cute and shit. what can i say, i'm a dork like that.

i signed up online and a couple of days later, my starter kit arrived in the mail. whee!

i spent the weekend browsing through the catalog and picking out my samples for my "trunk shows," and ended up buying an obscene amount of jewelry - all in the name of business. heh. i thought the hub was gonna flip his shit, but he's super supportive and is helping me brainstorm for creative ways to get it out there. i don't think there's much representation for the company in my area (at least, that's what i'm banking on), and it's going to be fun and fabulous. and i might have added a fun little button on the side ------------------------------->

so yesterday, i met up with politico, one of the ladies in my junior league. she'd read my posts on facebook when i was still waffling about signing up, and mentioned that if i did sign up, she wanted to host a trunk show. yay! and then i realized she was selling girl scout cookies - and i've been craving some of those damn things like mad. so we made a lunch date, during which i hoped we could pick a date for her party. she suggested the market grill, located inside the teeny-tiny monrovia market:

see? super cute.

they managed to squeeze a full kitchen and a small dining area in this space, and make it fun and homey at the same time.

while politico opted for a much healthier B.L.T. and a cup of soup, i went big and had a bacon burger with a side of minted potato salad.

and i might have seen on their facebook page that morning that they had freshly baked bacon chocolate chip cookies available. oh, yes. i've had a recipe bookmarked for those for ages, but i've never made them because i'm the only one in the house who'll eat 'em, and i sure don't need to eat an entire batch of cookies to myself. not even half a batch. so i scooped up a couple of bags:

and enjoyed my big, fat, juicy burger. it was really good, and i made a mental note to take the hub and the teen here one day. there's lots of yummy stuff on the menu that they'd both dig.

i waited until much later to take my first bite of that baconized cookie, and it was worth the wait. they're really good - a yummy chocolate chip cookie with a nice hit of salty goodness from the pieces of bacon mixed in. mmmm.

as for my craft of the day, i found a pattern for a super cute little dress in a knit fabric and decided i wanted to try making one for myself. but then i realized that i couldn't make a move until i'd washed the material first. dang. so i decided to make myself a little case for my flip videocam instead. i only got as far as cutting out the material, so i'm hoping to sew it all together this afternoon.

my life is super fun these days! i love it.


  1. The Market Grill looks so cute, and those cookies sound DELISH!

    I can't wait for your trunk show!

  2. Cute jewelry! I quickly perused the rings and loved them. They are so pretty and not too shabby in prices. Might have to hit you up for some stuff for future gifts. :)

  3. I love the jewels, too :) I'm down for a trunk show!

  4. Hmmm seems like you've got a pretty good handle on the barter system...you buy girl scout cookies, she hosts a trunk show...win win!

  5. So . . . are you doing your first trunk show soon? :)


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