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Thursday, March 11, 2010

sewing FAIL, the sequel

okay, so i'd cut out the material to make a little case for my flip videocam a few days ago, right? i'd followed the same tutorial i used to make 10yearstogether's laptop sleeve, figuring that it would basically be the same thing, just smaller. makes sense, right?

but the joke was (again) on me. because it was so small, it was a total pain in the ass to sew - the material kept getting sucked up and stuck in the built-in needle threader, and i struggled with a few of the steps as the sewing areas got smaller and smaller. topstitching was a total bitch, and even trying to turn it right side out (several times) proved to be more difficult than it should've been.

and the worst part? when i finally finished the fucking thing, pressing it out to get it all nice and pretty, it. was. too. small.

it fit inside all snug as a bug in a rug, but somehow i'd miscalculated the length. or something. the end of the flip stuck out and i couldn't close the flap properly. damn.

but i realized it was the perfect size to hold a point-and-shoot, so i pulled mine out and tested it out.

and wouldn't you know it - perfect fit. too bad i already have a neoprene case for it. wah waaaaah.

kind of sucked to be me at that moment. gah!

but i'm an eternal optimist. so, oh, well. on to the next project!


  1. Sell it on Ebay at a camera case!
    It's cute :-)

  2. OR, you can do a blog giveaway! Im sure one of your readers can use a cute camera case!! Just a thought.

  3. Keep it as a funky little wrist bad for a date night or girl's night out. One of those when all you really want is a purse big enough for the CC, license, keys & lip balm.

  4. That camera case is super cute. are you willing to part with it?? ;)

  5. I still think it's an adorable case and I have a flip too and have been looking for a case. I've been using the one that came with it.

    You've got skills... I'm too afraid to sew and would probably lose a finger :-/

  6. Omg, feminist gold digger -- so funny. :)

    I still think it looks good!

  7. Could you salvage it for the flip camera by removing the velcro on the flap section and moving it up higher on the case? You would probably need to hand stitch it down, but it might just work.

  8. lol mboc. I think it's a cute camera case!


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