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Monday, March 8, 2010

springing forward - sort of

my project for the weekend was a little something for myself. yay!

i'd bookmarked this tutorial for a spring ruffle top a few weeks ago. i read it through several times, not believing that a top that cute was possible without a pattern and could be completed with such simple steps. i even had all the materials i needed already - a cute little olive green & pink print that was one of my first fabric purchases. i actually have quite a nice little stash built up, and it's fun going through patterns and envisioning what i can create with it all.

this top was the perfect project for a rainy saturday. while the hub was off bonding with his buddies for the afternoon, the bean and i hung out at home quite happily. she played and watched some fun videos while i cut out the pieces and attempted to get as much done as i could. it's never a quick process for me to sew anything, because i'm stopping every five minutes or so to get her a snack, start up a new video, give her hugs. it's okay, though - obviously, i don't mind. especially the hugging part.

because of the continuous stop-start-stop, i didn't bother with a step-by-step pictorial of the process. besides, i don't think you want one - it'd be kind of boring, and if you really want to see how to make your own ruffle top, well, go to the source!

i did, however, snap this photo of one of the sleeve ruffles. instead of doing the two rows of stitching and then gathering it by hand, i followed a neat little shortcut i read on one of my favorite sewing blogs (it's the 3rd step in this tutorial for an adorable skirt that i plan to make for the bean soon).

i got through the majority of the sewing by dinnertime, with only the pockets and hemming to complete. because of that, i was able to live up to my vow to do something crafty every day in march - i finished it up last night, with the rest of the house fast asleep. i ironed all of the wrinkles out, snipped off all of the stray threads, and snuck into the bathroom to try it on and take a picture.

like most of my projects, it's not 100% perfect. although i'd tried on the chest band i'd cut out and started sewing (only to find out that it was a smidge too small and ended up having to remeasure and recut), it instead ended up a little too loose. gah! i'd even done the optional arm divots, and the inside of the top was perfect, with smooth seams and errrythang. i ended up biting the bullet and taking it in a little to make it fit better, and i'm sure i'll be glad i did.

as i examined my handwork in the mirror, i did a quick inventory of my wardrobe in my head, trying to think of what i could wear this top with. i have a pair of white shorts that would work pretty well, since the chest band and straps are solid white. and then i remembered something: my friend amber's fantastic denim straight skirt. it would look fantastic with this top, i think, and so i'm going to have to scoop up that pattern the next time i make a joann's run (along with a length of stretchy denim).

hmmm. i wonder what i'll tackle tomorrow. will finishing up the bean's felt food lunch count? maybe i'll add a little more to it, too. i picked up some embroidery needles and colorful thread, and i think i want to make her some doughnuts from this tutorial.

i'm thinking yes.


  1. I love that top. Very cute. The skirt is cute as well. You inspire me to want to sew. My mom was a seamstress so she could stay at home with us and it brings back lots of memories! :)

  2. This is my hands down favorite thing you have made so far. And frankly, I think it'd be perfect with a pair of jeans.

  3. Very cute! That is gonna be so nice to slip on when it hits triple digits here and wearing anything more than a bikini is a pain. :)

  4. So talented! I tried making a quilt once.. it's tucked away in the closet somewhere so no one can see it.

  5. Can you please hit up Mood (Project Runway style) next time you're in LA? That would be a great post.

  6. Very cute. You are inspiring me to actually sit down and learn to use my sewing machine correctly.

  7. From a longtime lurker with a sewing machine that's collecting dust ... what's the easiest project for a beginner to tackle? What's the best how-to sewing site you've found, so far? You are inpsiring me to take out The Beast (otherwise known as my Janome).

  8. That is so cute!

    I just posted about a Spring top challenge on Made today on my blog. I wasn't sure if I would enter, but I think this shirt may be the one. You should totally join! I just started sewing, too, but I must say, you are way ahead of me! :)

  9. steph: stitch in my side (http://stitchinmysideregan.blogspot.com/) has some great sewing 101 posts from the last month that are really helpful! and as for a beginning sewing project - this top is actually really, REALLY easy. check out the tutorial i linked in the post and give it a shot. good luck!

  10. so cute! so impressed with how fast you learned! gives me hope :)

  11. great print and a great fit too!

  12. This is so cute! My favorite project of yours so far. If you ever wanna make another one, I can send you my measurements [wink wink].

  13. Wan, I missed you. This top is gorgeous. I'm comin' back, fo sho.


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