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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

gonna hurl. or cry. likely both.

by the time you read this, hopefully everything will have gone well and i won't have puked my guts out from anxiety.

the bean is scheduled for her big dental appointment at 7AM and i'm completely freaking out over it. the anesthesiologist called over the weekend to answer questions and give us more details about what to expect, and while the hub seems to be taking it in stride, i am seriously paralyzed with fear.

they're going to give her a shot to numb her, and then put in an IV that's going to knock her out. they'll spend about an hour doing the x-rays, checking the two teeth that brought us in to begin with, and if the roots are still healthy, putting crowns on them. if they're not, they'll extract. yikes! and then they'll do a cleaning and she'll be done.

she'll be groggy for a while, and her coordination and motor skills will be off for a few hours - but since the procedure is so early in the morning, she should be at 95% by dinnertime. and since it's so early, we can just scoop her up out of bed and bring her in her pajamas.

please send your happiest, shiniest thoughts our way today. kthxbai.


  1. Positive thoughts for the Bean and Mom too. Everything will be fine!

    OMG she is soooo cute.

  2. Just read your update on FB, glad everything went ok.

    the bean looks so cute in those shots. :)

  3. {{hugs}} Frankly, I know she will be fine. It's you I'm worried about. :(

  4. Amber is DEAD ON on this one. So traumatic for you!

  5. So happy about the outcome! Reiki works! Kisses to you all.

  6. glad bean and her teef are ok! and, glad you are ok, too ;)

  7. good to hear she's a-ok!

    the better question is - how YOU doin'?

  8. Thinking of you and hoping the Bean is feeling like her fun self again. I'm no mama, but I can understand why you'd cry. I'll try to share a funny embarrassing story from my wisdom teeth extraction last May... 12 years overdue because I was so damn scared. But all went perfect. And as I started to come back to reality, I managed to stick both my hands in the air with 4 fingers, announcing to everyone I passed, and everyone in the recovery room that I did it, I did "4 tooth"! I waved my hands in the air like I just didn't care (outkast styles) and I kept repeating "4 tooth! 4 tooth!" like I was a rockstar. I also asked others how many teeth they did, and totally gave cut eye to anyone less than 4. Yeah, I ruled that day. And then I went and had a chocolate milkshake. The end. Wishing you all a restful week ahead.

  9. Glad the bean is doing okay. Lots of icecream helps!


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