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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my girls like food

in my neverending quest for fresh ideas for the teen's meals, i was stoked to find this recipe for creamy black bean burritos. cream cheese, black beans, a can of ro-tel, and seasonings all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla - what's not to love?

of course, the search doesn't end with dinner. lunch ideas are always needed, too. and when i remembered her love of olives (especially as a little kid, when she'd wear them on the ends of her fingers and call them "la-lai"), i figured it would be a nice change of pace to try this recipe for kalamata olive tapenade. it was super easy to make, and really yummy.

i decided to bust out the easiest focaccia recipe again, so that she'd have something equally scrumptious to spread the tapenade on.

this bread actually got even better the second time around. i split a piece with her, and we both mmm'd and ooooh'd as we enjoyed it, still warm from the oven.

the bean went to the zoo with the ILs and the hub last weekend while i was a busy worker bee at the bodywise event. he took a shitload of pictures of their trip (her first to the zoo), and this is one of my favorites. look at that kool-aid smile, chillin' in a rented stroller:

when she has lunch with MIL over at the grandparents' house, she's often treated to a handful of yummy, neon-orange cheetos with her sandwich. and she can really plow through those things! at the zoo, she got to snack on a whole bag of 'em, all to herself.

ah, the joys of hanging out with grandma.


  1. The olive tapenade looks good =) I have a similar version that's chunkier and with tomato if you want to try something different: http://cassiepuff.net/blog/?p=1364

  2. I'm slowly trying to cut meat out of my diet, so this looks like stuff I'd want to try - thanks!

  3. I just bookmarked the creamy black bean burrito recipe. They look delicious!!!

  4. Yes please for that burrito! I want!!

  5. that burrito does look good. although i may have to sub the ro-tel.

    bean's SO big now!


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