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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


it's been kind of crazy around the wan house these days.  there are birthdays to celebrate, a party to plan, decorations to make, blah blah blah.  i've been ordering party crap galore online, and it's all rolling in at a frenzied pace.

on top of that, we squeezed in a patio furniture order via amazon before they started charging sales tax on all orders.  it arrived on two giant pallets.

after the hub was all done unpacking it all and getting it situated, the bean took over the biggest box and made herself a nice little clubhouse.  she had a ball decorating it with stickers and drawing on it with sidewalk chalk.

that night was also mollydog's "surprise birthday party."  i managed to find an easy recipe to make doggy cupcakes, cut it by 3/4, and frosted one with straight peanut butter.

after i dragged the hub back in the room to join us in singing "happy birthday" - to the dog - the girls happily presented her with her birthday treat.

i'm happy to report that she actually ate the whole thing.  last time we gave her a doggy cupcake, she took a bite off the top and played with the rest of it until it was smushed to pieces.  i guess homemade really is best.

lastly, with a fun 5K on the horizon with the teen that involved brightly colored cornstarch being tossed at us at every kilometer, i decided we needed matching tutus.  in white, of course, to soak up all the color.  a trip to michael's yielded the needed materials, and after about ten minutes worth of work i had this:

it was so fun and easy to make that within the hour i was done with both of them.

we actually got quite a few compliments on those tutus.  you KNOW i was super proud of myself.


  1. Molly Dog got used to smelling all the goodness when you're baking she might not eat any store-bought stuff ever.


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