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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

a league of our own

the bean has just a couple of weeks left till school starts, and we're working on that to-do list she created slowly but surely.  this time, our activity involved wearing somebody else's shoes.

she wanted to enter our names for the scoreboard, and it struck me again how much she's learned since starting school.

we had the bumpers put up just for fun, but she surprised me by bowling quite a few frames just fine without the extra help.

she took advantage of this contraption a few times, but after figuring out that she could throw the ball faster by herself, she ditched it.

final score, game 1.

she consoled herself with a trip to the vending machine.

for me, it always takes the first game to warm up.  i started the second one off with a bang (and a super fuzzy action shot).

yay, i broke 100!

time for game 3.  but first, let us take a selfie.

a strong start by the bean meant i was getting spanked halfway through this one.  i was tired.  yeah, that's it.

but i started to catch up...

and at the end, oops - sorry, kid.  them's the breaks.  i had to explain to her that mommy did a considerable amount of bowling back in the day.  i mean, our local bowling alley offered free lessons for years - which i then used during weekly games with my family.  it was a big bonding activity for us when i was younger.  i miss those days, kinda.

after turning our shoes back in, we headed to the arcade to play some more.  as focused as she was on this claw machine, it (predictably) let her down.

she did beat me at air hockey.  watching her play this is comedy.

one more shot at the claw machine.

while she still didn't win anything, she managed to score when she got back in the car after art class, courtesy of the clearance rack at the grocery store.

all's well that ends well.

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