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Thursday, August 28, 2014

what's your favorite fair food?

i just KNOW that you've been holding your breath, wondering and wondering and wondering...

what sort of cookies did i submit for judging at this year's l.a. county fair's culinary competition??

so i actually debated back and forth quite a bit on this topic (with myself, because i like to win shit) in the weeks leading to the deadline.  i went back and looked at all of the designs i've worked on over the last couple of years, i put it out there online for suggestions, asked the girls what they thought.  and then finally it was time to get down to business.

looking at the shapes of the cutouts before they were baked is comical and probably doesn't give you that big of a hint, does it?

like, i totally giggle at this one.  because i'm 12.

but i pulled my mind out of the gutter and busted out the decorating bags, and here's what they turned into:

okay, i still think the corn dog one is hilarious.  because, again, i'm 12.  and yes, i sure did jump the gun and award myself the blue ribbon.  because while i may not actually win one this year, i'll always be number one in my own head.

anyway, i was short by one cookie, and while i could have simply chosen one to submit twice (because i always make extra cookies to ensure that i have enough for whatever i'm working on), i thought it might be fun to throw in one more design.  and so i present to you...the official LACF cookie set for the 2014 culinary competition:

the fair opens tomorrow.  who's gonna go and scope it out for me?  because i'm dying to know but have no time this weekend to check it out...

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