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Friday, December 12, 2014

cookies are way more fun with friends

last year, we decided to start a new tradition with our little group of dance class friends.  while they aren't in dance together anymore, we love these ladies and don't want to lose touch.  unfortunately, we couldn't get everyone together, so we picked the date that worked for most of us and went with it.

i baked up a few dozen basic christmas-themed shapes and set up four little stations on the table.

with the teen's help, there were lots of sprinkles and four different colors of frosting.

watching the girls focused intently on their designs was fun, as was the chatting time i got with their moms.

even the teen got in on the action.

towards the end of the party, i enlisted her help in decorating five dozen cookies for the bean's christmas party with her cheer squad the next day.  while i piped the frosting, she added sprinkles.  teamwork = done in no time.

with the girls full of pizza and juice and their cookie creations safely nestled in boxes for the trip home, we said goodbye to everyone - but not without getting a group shot.

just like last year, the aftermath wasn't anywhere near as difficult as it could have been.  while the teen and i put everything away, the bean busted out the heavy artillery to make sure everything was spic and span.

and we had dinner all set, too.  thanks, costco.

i hope we're able to get all the girls together next year.  it was super fun, but it's just not the same when the gang isn't all here.

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