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Monday, December 29, 2014

merry grinchmas to us

we totally cheated on the mouse, as my friend ali would say, when we went to universal studios to experience "grinchmas."  the teen has been wanting to go to this every year, and we're usually too cheap to buy tickets for yet another theme park.  but since we have those handy dandy annual passes this time, we finally got to go and check it out.  their blackout dates for annual passholders are super weird, and somehow the saturday before christmas was open for us.  yay!

of course, this meant that the park was fairly busy.  and parkgoers here are a little different from those we encounter at disneyland - they're not as merry and some are downright rude and pushy.  we just have to psych ourselves up for it, but we always forget until it's too late and we're irritable from the unfriendliness.  oh, well.

since it was already late afternoon, we decided to go through the tram ride first.  there really wasn't much different here than on regular days, although the whoville set was extra festive and there was a little stage show with singers, dancers, and the grinch.

i always find it funny to find this set right behind whoville.

when we got off the tram, we headed towards the lower lot - a section we hadn't visited yet since getting our passes.  mostly because we already know that the rides there (jurassic park, the mummy and transformers) are of little interest to the bean.  she watched the 84-foot drop at the end of the jurassic park ride, which solidified her decision to not ride it, like ever.

while we were there, we found a fun photo op:

the teen's favorite movie car was down there too.

back upstairs on the main lot, we waited just 20 minutes for the simpsons ride.

the center of the park was where the majority of the grinchmas activities could be found.

 we managed to arrive for one of several christmas tree lighting ceremonies.

 the girls decided to color some ornaments.

we were visited by a stilts-wearing whovian.

and on my way back from a potty break, i ran into the grinch again.

we saved our favorite ride for last, and strolled through the london set on the way there.

i mean, who doesn't love the minions?

i'll tell you this much - grinchmas is way better than halloween horror nights.  WAY.

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