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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

our mudslides bring all the reporters to the yard

when rain hits southern california, people go crazy.  sheesh.

i mean, yeah.  it doesn't happen all that often (hence the intense drought we're experiencing), but come on.  it's just water, folks.

now with that said, i do adore the rain.  the teen does, too.  and she happened to have yesterday off, which was nice because we got to spend some quality time together.  that's rare nowadays, especially now that the holiday season is upon us and her job in retail demands lots of hours at work.  so we scheduled a full day of things to do, including dropping off the pri-YES at the dealer for a little tuning up.  from there, she dropped me off at xtend for my usual tuesday class while she headed to her gym down the street.

she typically does the driving whenever we go anywhere anymore, because she says i'm a terrible driver.  psh.  kids, man.  they always think they do stuff better than we do.  but in this case, i'm cool with it - means i get to hang out in the passenger seat and relax.  except during rainy days, because i discovered that she loves the rain so much that she doesn't like wiping it from the windshield.

oy vey, i was going insane.  i personally much prefer employing my windshield wipers whenever necessary...you know, so i can actually see.  gah.

the next stop on our schedule required the following items:

we'd both been dying to see "mockingjay" since it came out a couple of weeks ago, and finally found the perfect opportunity.  and bonus:  it was the first showing of the day, so we got to take advantage of the cheap tickets.  and as we munched happily on our movie snacks, we sat back and enjoyed some previews for more awesome flicks coming out next year:

later, as we took the bean to her art class, we noticed a full line-up of news vans parked near city hall.  they always love to report from this area when it rains because of all the potential mudslides from the firestorms of last year.

STORM!WATCH!20!14!  while other parts of the country deal with inches and inches of snow and ice, we freak out over some rain.  never change, soCA, never change.

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