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Monday, December 1, 2014

every day i'm trufflin'

while we were gearing up for thanksgiving last week, i came across a pack of oreos that FIL had left behind after their most recent trip home.  they weren't exactly stale...yet.  and since our holiday meal included pies for dessert - both of which i'm not a huge fan - i decided maybe i could cobble together a little something that i could enjoy while the hub and the bean dug into their after-dinner treats.

here's the very short lineup of ingredients:

can you tell already what i had in mind?  there were only about ten cookies in the box, less than half a package of cream cheese, and those marshmallow flavored candy melts have been in my pantry just waiting for the perfect occasion.  and if this wasn't it, i sure don't know what could be.  not to mention that i'm not a huge white chocolate fan (that shit ain't chocolate, people!), which is what most folks would use for this.

i tossed the cookies into my old baby food maker, because i didn't want to dirty the full-sized food processor for this small task.  when they were smushed down to what looked like coffee grounds, i tossed in the cream cheese.  okay, yes, i use the lower-fat neufch√Ętel cheese.  i know cutting fat seems silly when i'm just going to add a shitton of sugar to it, but hey - it helps a little, and to me it tastes exactly the same.  so there.

when it was all mixed together just right, i scooped out tablespoonfuls of it and rolled them into little balls.

turns out i got one truffle for every cookie i had, which is a good little tidbit to know for future.  you know, for the next time i need to make truffles.  which happens often.  not.

next, i tossed some of those marshmallow wafers into a little ramekin and zapped them in the microwave till they were smooth and melty.  it smelled just like toasted marshmallows when i took it out, and i may have accidentally gotten a little on my finger.  tastes just like it smells too, in case you were wondering.

using two forks, i dropped each oreo ball in there, rolling and turning and making a mess.  while these may be the ugliest truffles ever created, i can tell you that they tasted way better than they looked.

also, now you see why i don't make cake pops anymore.  heh.

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