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Friday, April 22, 2016

not your 4/$1 top ramen here

so back when we had that sleepover at the la brea tar pits, we had to make sure we grabbed dinner before we arrived.  you know, because apparently $75 per person couldn't cover even a few slices of pizza and a juice box or something.  bah...can you tell i'm still bitter over that whole thing?  heh.

anyway, when i hit up yelp for ideas, i found a spot for ramen that sounded promising.  it had lots of great reviews and was only a few minutes away from the museum.  sold!

i thought this sign was kind of amusing.  i wonder if they've ever (or will ever) get her to visit.

the menu:

and once you decide what you want to eat, you head over to the iPads to place your order.

then you swipe your credit card...

you grab your receipt and then get in line to be seated.  i was kind of relieved to see that there was a hostess to handle that rather than having to stalk tables, watching to see who was going to leave first and trying to beat out whoever else was looking for a seat.  i hate places that make you do that.  and in the meantime, we peeked in at the booth where the fresh ramen noodles were being made.

 the kitchen was pretty small, but the whole place was on the tiny side.

the old lady loves these japanese sodas with the little glass marble inside.

the bean opted for a ramen burger.  not as good as the original we've had, but still pretty darn tasty (according to her).

i devoured my bowl of ramen.  it was really delicious, and did a good job of filling me up.

while i don't know if we'll ever come here again (because it's pretty far from home and there are tons of other options for food out here for future visits), we were happy with our choice...as you can see.

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