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Thursday, April 7, 2016


so you already know how much i love my monthly skoshbox delivery.  i think the old lady and i are both addicted, and we both look forward to cracking that box open to see what kind of fun snacks are in it.  not to mention, one or both of us is usually going through some sort of PMS-like situation when it arrives, which makes it even more of a welcome sight.  heh.

after taking out the brochure and a coupon for another company that offers japanese goods, i pulled this out:

i don't really need a pencil pouch, but maybe the bean will like it.

next up, a bag of what was described as "crunchy and light endo bean chips."  to us, it just looked like the peas that we buy at trader joe's.  still, we love those and they're a great savory snack, so yay:

these are "cherry gummies with a gelee gooey center."  too bad neither of us really likes cherry flavor:

these looked promising though - chocolate covered potato chips!

we popped these open right away.

while they were tasty, they were...weird.  the texture was really strange - not a regular potato chip, but more like those veggie chips you can buy at costco in the ginormous bags.  the old lady didn't love them, but i devoured the whole bag.

the next item was all her, though.  considering i'm not really a fan of green tea flavored stuff, these "rich matcha coated rice puffs" didn't appeal at all.

i still tried one, mostly because she badgered me to, and they were meh.  it was like sugar corn pops cereal, minus the sugar, with a waxy coating of matcha flavor.  even she didn't care for these.

this little roll contains "strawberry shortcake flavored tablet candy."  intriguing, but we haven't gotten around to trying it yet.

"wafers in chocolate"??  now you're talkin'!

we opened those bad boys up and took a bite.  a lot like a kit kat, but with more chocolate and less crunch.  not bad.  maybe straight out of the fridge they'll be even better.

i wasn't interested in these "decadent white chocolates with cranberry and orange in a milk chocolate shell," but the old lady was more than happy to taste-test them.

yuck.  no thanks.  she said it was okay, but not a favorite.

the last thing in the box was a random pikachu mini stamp.

this box was a little disappointing, but that's okay.  i still love the surprises and trying new snacks.  because, duh.  snacks.

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