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Friday, April 1, 2016

an epoch end to date weekend

on the last day of our paso robles weekend, we got ourselves up and packed before grabbing another coffee at starbucks and then bidding our best western farewell.

well, and i snagged a quick selfie too.

before we headed home, we decided to make one last stop - epoch winery.

guess i was gonna get to do a little wine tasting after all.  hey, why not?  when in rome...

i'm still not a fan of red wine.  like, at all.  i had to wash it down with some nice cold agua.

we were visited by the resident feline who was as big as mollydog, it seemed.

the hub liked a couple of the wines enough to pick up a bottle or two to take home.

we took in the pretty view (trying to disregard the ongoing construction) and got one more selfie in for the road.

we managed to make one last stop - a place we hadn't been in a long time.  the habit has grown to a rather large chain over the last decade, but the original store is still the best.  it's the only one that serves chili on their burgers and fries, and it's really good.

it was an easy drive home, and the girls were happy to have us back home.  nothing like a little time apart to make 'em miss us, whether they want to admit it or not.

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