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Friday, December 8, 2017

celebrating holidays with cookies

it looks like it's been awhile since i did a cookie round-up, so let's do that on this lovely friday.  like, i never even got to show off these halloween cookies:

and this one that i'm pretty sure jinxed the team on the day of the final game of the world series.  oops.

these moana-themed treats seemed to be a big hit with my facebook and instagram friends.

and a friend had me make these to give to records departments for local law enforcement as a "thank you."

it'd been awhile since i got to do hello kitty cookies.  i still think the face wasn't quite right, but they were received well.

emoji cookies.  always a hit.

a couple of baby showers:

and a handful of first birthday parties, too.

8 is great.  i think these are probably going to be pretty sweet and crunchy with all those sprinkles, but they look kinda cool.

and i let myself get roped into entering the cookie contest at a christmas boutique the bean's school is putting on tonight.  i wasn't going to do it because lazy, but then i heard cash prize.  i mean, i'm always down to try to win some holiday spending money.

there's a "people's choice" award that's serving as a fundraiser - attendees purchase tickets that they exchange for a cookie from each of the contestants.  i get to stand at a table and take tickets for my cookies, and that's why we were asked to make at least four dozen.  so even if i don't win, at least i'll get to spread the joy of my cookies with 48 people.  it's a win for everyone.


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