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Thursday, December 7, 2017

it's here. embrace it.

christmas is a pretty special time in the house of wan.  like, as soon as halloween is over the hub and the old lady are usually chomping at the bit to get the christmas decorations out and start celebrating. i'm always the holdout who yanks on the reins to pull them back a little, but as the old lady keeps reminding me, time flies by at an alarmingly fast rate and by the time i finally relent and embrace the coming holidays they're practically over.  and with the local radio station kicking off their 24/7 christmas music super early this year - we're talking like november 10th here - i broke down and we started decorating well before thanksgiving.  don't shoot me.

the bean is always fully into it, too.  as soon as the christmas stuff was on the shelves at target we were browsing through it all to see what we could scoop up this year.

i've even got a bit of christmas-themed sewing done.

and last week, when the local christmas tree lot threw open the gates, we were there to pick ours out.

the bean and i loved this gigantic charlie brown tree.

and we couldn't resist this, because photo op.

but because we've all been so crazy busy in the days since, our poor tree is still sitting in the house all naked.

at least there are already gifts under it, right?  yeah?  and this weekend is shaping up to be just as busy.  yikes.  i wonder if we're ever gonna get ornaments on this bad boy.

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