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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

zippers are NOT my friends

so yeah...this year's bridal twirl.  oh boy.  while the bean was at cheer, the old lady was out with her special friend and the hub was en route from the office i decided it was just the right time to bust out the ol' dress and do my thang.  i dragged it out from the depths of my closet, pulled it out and stepped in it - and...well, see for yourself.

i was so bummed.  i've been wondering when this time would come, when i'd try to put the dress on and find that it's the year that i can't zip it up anymore.  this sucks, man.  i totally blame my lack of running mojo over this last year, though.  i've been to barre faithfully an average of at least three times a week, but i haven't done much running at all.  the old lady says it's probably because i've built up some muscle that i didn't have before, but i think i'm just getting old.  BAH.  and to top it off, as i was getting dressed for dinner and went to put on my "monica geller boots," as the old lady called them, i had a little trouble zipping them up over my calves - a problem i'd not faced before.  maybe it really is all those relievés i've been doing at barre.  yeah, that sounds good.  we'll go with that.
in any case, the hub was super sympathetic and after we got home from our fabulous wan-niversary dinner out (more on that later), he had me try it on again to see if maybe he could get it zipped up all the way.  
a happy ending, yes?
but now i'm terrified of lucky bridal twirl 13.0.  crap.

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