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Thursday, October 18, 2018

still stalling

omg...i have 2,600 pictures to look at from the bean's birthday party.  holy cow.

i mean, i know that's a good problem to have.  out of that many photos there's got to be quite a few good ones, right?  and the preview i've seen looks promising.

i know i'm like two weeks behind on recapping the big bash by now, but i want to pick out my favorite shots to share.  but in the meantime, i can show you a few pictures from the photo booth!

with the bean otherwise occupied at the beginning of the party, i dragged the old lady over to take a few shots with me.

my mom is always down for a good photo op.

and then she got my aunt and grandma to join her, because let's face it...we all love good photo ops.  i kind of regret not taking a few with them myself, though.

but i got a few with her too.

and so did the old lady and her special friend.

two of my mom besties hopped in after that, and got photobombed in the process.

the bean took a few with mini cee:

and then photobombed us as we snapped a set.

with my babies.

and last but not least, i managed to snag the hub for a few seconds so we could take some silly pics too.

i'd only booked the photo booth for an hour and a half, figuring that there would be plenty of other things for everyone to do.  i wasn't wrong, but i kind of wish i'd extended it a bit so that i could have corralled more of her friends for pictures too.

but that's okay.  when i finally do get around to recapping the rest of the party, you'll see that there were lots and lots of pictures of her in action with her friends.

i promise, i'll do it soon!  hopefully tomorrow.  we'll see.

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