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Friday, October 5, 2018

this is 11

the bean's actual birthday fell on a monday this year, which made things a little tricky.  mondays are always super busy between school, music classes and cheer practice.  still, we made the most of it - or, at least we tried.

she woke up to her annual balloons-on-the-floor tradition, and then promptly made her way to the kitchen where she managed to score a freshly baked brownie bite for breakfast.  definitely not the norm around here, but when it's your birthday anything goes.

she spied a few presents on the table and was super stoked to rip right into them.  her grandma gave her a gift bag full of her beloved squishies, and i managed to scrape together some stuff i'd ordered for her from justice that she tore into.  pajamas and soft sweaters are always a good gift.

time for school!

after cheer practice, we picked up some grub to go from olive garden and then she got down to the business of opening more presents.  these included cards from her beloved uncle and great-grandparents, plus gifts from her sister, her daddy and me.

first up:  a new pair of wireless beats.

the apple pencil was a huge hit, as you can see.

the two old ladies looked on in amusement.  i promise you, they were both amused.

the next gift she opened was the greatest fakeout ever.  seeing the size of the box and the picture of the iPad on the front of it, she thought she'd scored big.  too bad it was just the lifeproof case.

but of course, the final present came through.  a new 6th generation iPad, fully compatible with that apple pencil and a perfect fit inside that lifeproof case.

all that was left was to sing, make a wish and blow out some candles.

oh, and one last family selfie to close out the night.

and tomorrow is the big party!  it's gonna be a good one.  i can't wait.

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