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Monday, July 8, 2019

a day of GH girl power

when the bus dropped us off after that awesome set tour, i had a little time before the final day of panels, photo ops and autograph sessions began.  i'd asked everyone at home if they wanted anything from porto's and then hadn't been able to make it before, so i had the car brought around and went to fulfill everyone's requests.

by the time i got back from my little errand, it was time to meet up with my knottie friend and take advantage of the backdrops before heading into the ballroom for the last of the conference.

the stage was all set for laura wright to come in and welcome us all to the last day of the conference.

the first panel brought us michael easton ("finn"), josh swickard ("chase"), and my all-time favorite GH actress - finola hughes ("anna").

she was my first photo op of the day.

next up were roger howarth ("franco") and maura west ("ava"). 

maura was my next photo op.  she's very sweet and friendly, and hugged me as i gushed over how much i love how she portrays her character, a woman we can't decide if we love or hate.

laura wright joined the next panel, along with maurice benard ("sonny") and max gail ("mike").  they made us alternate between laughing and crying as they discussed the relationship between the characters and their current alzheimer's storyline, and how maurice is a huge advocate for mental health. 

i looked over at the VIP section and noticed not just frank valentini sitting there, but finola as well.  she was just as entertained as the rest of us by the discussion onstage.  and then i noticed wes ramsey sitting next to frank, watching and listening intently to his real-life love laura wright.

i headed to the photo op room to have my meet & greet with laura, and when i thanked her for spending her whole weekend with us she beamed and thanked me for saying it to her.  super sweet.

when i got back to the ballroom, they were setting up for a fun surprise trivia game - with josh swickard and roger howarth going head-to-head with the help of a few audience members.  roger came to our side of the room to pick his team, and after he pointed at a woman sitting in a wheelchair up front he scurried right over to help her up onstage.

after the game was over, it was time for my final photo op of the weekend - with legendary GH actress genie francis, who plays "laura."  you know, of "luke & laura," ultimate soap supercouple of the 80s.  she was incredibly sweet and seemed genuinely surprised at the long line of people who were excited to meet her.

it seemed appropriate that the organizers had saved her panel for last.  it was fun to listen to her tell stories of OG cast members past and present, and the time passed all too quickly.

i had a few autographs to collect before i headed out of there for the last time, and i can't believe that i don't have a picture of the tote bag with all of the signatures to show you.  maybe you don't care anyway, but still...it makes for the best conference souvenir.

when i finally got back home, my family was hanging out in the back yard.  i walked in the house with my luggage, and i heard the sliding door open and close and the familiar sound of stevie's toenails clicking on the wood floor.  he ran right over to me, jumping up and down and wagging his tail happily, and then the old lady's special friend came in right behind him.  i hadn't seen either of them yet since we'd gotten home from europe, and it was super sweet when he saw me and his eyes lit up and he gave me a big ol' kool aid smile.  it was just really nice to feel like i'd been missed, and then i dropped my stuff in our room and headed outside.  i finally got a hug from the bean after two weeks apart, and from MIL, and then the old lady and the hub, and it was so good to be home.

life is back to normal again, and i couldn't be happier.

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