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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

summa summa summatime

since we've all been home from our trips, we've just been enjoying time together and the lazy days of summer break.  i did sign the bean up for a few different day camps, and the first one was horse camp at nearby cal poly pomona.

of course, it happened to fall on the week that the temperatures went up into the triple digits, but the counselors were prepared.  they scheduled all of the outdoor activities during the morning hours, brought the campers in for lunch and then they hung out in an air-conditioned room working on fun crafts and watching movies.  the week went by pretty quickly, and the last day of horse camp came before we knew it.

spending time in the back yard and the pool is becoming a way of life as it continues to heat up.

speaking of the back yard, we seem to have gained some new family members.  they've set up camp right above one of the heaters and seem to be perfectly comfortable, even relocating to a larger corner of the patio enclosure when they grew out of that spot.

we got to spend a little time roller skating at the local rink as part of my cousin's daughter's birthday celebration.

and then she got to do a week of animation camp at a local art school.

after that she spent another week at cal poly pomona, this time in entrepreneurship camp with her BFF.

oh!  i took her for an eye exam and found that her prescription had changed.  while i declined her request for prescription sunglasses, we did end up ordering two different pairs of glasses (because they were both so cute and it's never a bad idea to have a spare) and added on the transitions option so that the lenses would automatically darken when exposed to sunlight.  she LOVES them.

my cousin seven, her boyfriend and their dog came down to stay with us for a few days while they visited with friends and family.  i was happy to dogsit their cute little max whenever they needed it, and she was sweet and cuddly and super laid back.

i also got to spend some quality time with stevie.  he's so sweet.

we got to see the newest toy story movie the night before it officially opened.  i'm still torn on how i feel about how it ended, and i still think they could have just left it at the third one and most of us would have been perfectly satisfied.

the bean has a new obsession:  BTS.  she's watched their videos over and over and over, and finally answered the question of "who will her jonas brothers be?"  oy.

i guess i shouldn't talk, because i totally squealed when we walked into a random store at the mall and found these:

we've been trying to make dinners at home, keeping it simple and enjoying meals together on the patio.

while i passed on buying this ridiculously large hat:

i definitely scooped these up.

the bean and i met up with our friends lilcee and mini cee for some korean bbq, and towards the end of our visit lilcee realized that the bean had grown taller than her.  and she's even wearing some platform-y 1"-tall sandals here!  sheesh.

gotta love the summertime randomness.

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  1. I can't wait to see how much shorter I've become than K!


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