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Friday, July 26, 2019

return to sunset beach

north shore is one of our favorite places to hang out on o'ahu.

with yelp's help the hub found us a great spot to have some breakfast before beach time.

kono's is known for their breakfast burritos, and who doesn't love a good breakfast burrito?  even the bean, who doesn't like mexican food (weirdo), is always game for a tortilla filled with fluffy eggs, potatoes, cheese and meat.  here they're called "bombers," and i think a few of of us went for the chuns version - kalua pork and bacon.  yum.

the breakfast sandwich looked delicious too.

once we were all stuffed silly, we hopped back in the car to make our way over to sunset beach.  this is our most favorite spot, and i always look forward to coming here because the beach is just perfect.  not too crowded, clean soft sand, warm water.  fabulous.

the bean thought it was funny that she could give her daddy a piggyback ride in the water.

and then they switched places.

we spent a good amount of time here, just playing in the water and enjoying the day.  and then before we packed up to head back home we took our now-traditional family photo.  need a refresher?  this was 2008:

and then it was a long time before we came back, in 2015.


and now.

here's one with the special friend in it, because he's part of the family.  plus we all had matching shirts on:

i just love how the bean posed in that picture.  pop that leg, gurrrrrl.  she's so grown up now...sigh.

after we went home and got ourselves cleaned up, we headed out for dinner at one of our favorite places - kyung's seafood in honolulu.  it's a total hole in the wall, but the food is amazing.  and cheap.  i mean, this is a big ass plate of generously sliced sashimi for $50:

their ahi and salmon poke was so good, almost as good as ahi assassins.

the strawberry soju is dangerously tasty, and we were pleasantly surprised at how yummy the yogurt soju was.  and extra bonus:  we were early enough for happy hour, yay!

everyone loved the meat jun.  i don't know why, but i wasn't a fan.  that's okay - more for everybody else!

kalbi and bulgogi rounded out the meal.

the ladies who run this place are so friendly and fun.  it's one of our most favorite restaurants on the island, and we'll always make time to come here whenever we visit o'ahu.

mmmmm...some of that yogurt soju would really hit the spot right about now.  we looked up recipes while we were still sitting there enjoying it, and i can't wait to try it out to see if it's as magical as what we had at kyung's.

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