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are you ever really too old to be excited for your birthday?  because let me tell is mine and i still love to celebrate it as much as i did when i was little.  the number gets a little scarier every year, but hey - it's just a number, right?

although with the actual day falling right in the middle of a typically busy work/school week, i'll get to spend a lot of it solo this time around.  that's totally cool though, and we'll have a family dinner tonight somewhere local.  and i have my whole day all mapped out already!  check it out:

  • sleep in
  • take the bean to school
  • stop at starbucks for my free birthday coffee
  • take a shower
  • get my lashes done
  • enjoy a mani/pedi
  • pick up some sort of terrible-for-me-but-oh-so-delicious lunch
  • a little sewing time to make myself something fun
  • pick up the bean from school and take her to her math tutor
  • hang out with the hub at home
  • go to dinner
  • put on comfy pajamas
  • fall asleep to friends
i'd squeeze in a massage in there somewhere, but the hub already treated me to one of those this weekend.  it'd be pretty overindulgent if i got another one just a few days later, right?

in the meantime...hello, 48.  let's do this.


  1. Happy birthday! It's one of my best friend's birthdays today too. I love celebrating my birthday no matter the number.


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