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Thursday, September 12, 2019

the royals are party crashers

my sweet friend tameka turned 40 and celebrated it as only she could - with a pink-themed "blush & bashful" brunch.  the invitation encouraged us to wear pink for the party, so i scoured my closet for something suitable to wear.  as much as i love pink everything, i was kind of surprised to realize that i don't actually have a lot of pink clothing.  and so i headed off to joann's to see if i could find some fun fabric to make a quick dress for myself.  for some reason there wasn't much in the way of pink fabric designs available, and i ended up settling for a nice lightweight knit in navy with pink flowers.  sadly for me, there was only one bolt of it and it only had about 1 3/4 yards left - just barely enough to make a super simple dress with.  but i managed to eke out a full bodice with short sleeves and a half circle skirt with it, and i was satisfied with the end result.  i didn't take a picture of it, but you'll get the gist in some of the shots i did get.

lilcee and i decided to carpool to the party down in the south bay and i was super amused when we arrived at the venue and went to open the door:

it was super cute inside, and there was a bar with lots of delicious brunch-y grub and rose gold and pink touches everywhere.

i realize now that i must've been having so much fun that i didn't take a whole lot of pictures.  oops. but there were so many friends there that i haven't seen in person in forever, so it was great to sit and catch up with some of them.  we keep up with each other via social media, of course, but it's not the same.  and of course, we made sure to get a group photo.

while the guest of honor was saying a few words, one of her friends walked in the door with the most amazing, completely appropriate gift for her - a life-size cardboard cutout of the sussex royals.  tameka's (damn near) whole heart belongs to harry and meghan, and it was hilarious and awesome to watch her reaction to them coming into her party.  i'm pretty sure everyone took multiple photos with them...because duh.

i did manage to snag a selfie with the birthday girl, as well as a couple of other ladies i hadn't seen in ages.

before we said our goodbyes, i was so excited to finally get to indulge a weeks-long craving i've had for some strawberry cake.  it was delicious and totally worth the wait.

oh!  and i'd hunted down the perfect gift for my royals-obsessed friend:  the funko pop vinyl wedding set of harry and meghan.  and for good measure, i threw in a solo prince harry too.

i was super excited when tameka texted me the next day to share her excitement over her mini royal friends.  because after all, she could very well have already had these!  her happiness made me happy too. 

yay for fun parties and great friends!

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