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Monday, September 9, 2019

dump day is the best day

i always seem to have a bunch of random pictures i've taken that i keep in mind for the blog, but then most of the time there isn't enough to them to write an entire post about.  that's when you get my random iphone dumps...like today.

as much of a basic bitch as i typically am, i've got no love for the whole pumpkin spice craze.  give me fall, uggs, boots, cardigans, flannels - i'll take all of that happily.  but pumpkin spice isn't my thing at all.  i tried the latte at starbucks when it first came out and wasn't a fan, so i figure that just leaves more for everyone else.  but this year, they busted out a new pumpkin cream cold brew and so i figured maybe i'd give it another try to see if maybe that was more to my liking.  spoiler:  it wasn't.

last weekend while the hub was out of town, the bean decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed.  she's so good to me.

while i was eating it, i heard noises coming from under the bed and looked down there to find this:

dammit teddy...if you ever try to chew up any of my beloved tieks we're gonna have a problem.

speaking of the puppies and potential chewing, the bean - well, the dog(s) literally ate her homework.  eek.  luckily it was a study guide for a test that didn't need to be turned in, but still...

(and she aced the test, so there)

she's totally gonna side eye me for this one, but i snapped this while she was waiting out the drying period for this pore-cleaning strip.  do you remember how much this child hates band-aids and anything that sticks to her skin?  i'm still amazed she was willing to do this at all.  of course, when it came time to take it off it was a little dicey.  but she got it off eventually, and she's committed to doing it at least once a week.  heh.

awwww...puppies' first starbucks drive-thru.  they're still babies so i didn't get them a puppuccino yet, but that'll come eventually.

we went to disneyland on the evening of september 1st and i decided i needed a celebration button.  ahhh yeah.

this is my newest embroidered creation.  i spied this design on someone else's post and decided i had. to. have. it.  target + starbucks = lyfe.

we went to an asian market where they have a food court (we just had ramen, so while it was delicious it wasn't anything particularly picturesque).  in the store i found these cheetos...they're STEAK flavored.  everyone else was grossed out, but i had to grab some to try.  i haven't busted them open yet, so i'll just have to report later.

lastly, MIL is in town and we were lucky enough to be able to get together with my mom for breakfast on saturday morning.  it made for a nice start to our weekend.

why we didn't manage to get a shot together is beyond me.  oops.

and that's all the randomness i've got for now.  i'm sure there'll be more soon.  my life is full of random moments.  don't you love that i share them with you?

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