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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

bean's birthday party, take 1

we kicked off the bean's birthday celebrations a little early with a fun playdate at disneyland with our friends lilcee/mini cee and dailygluttony/miniDG.  because she has several circles of friends who don't really know each other, it's always nice to plan hangouts with them separately so that everyone can have a good time and she doesn't feel pulled in 30845713098 different directions.  and since i fully believe that birthdays at any age are a special occasion, i decided to take everyone to the carthay circle restaurant at california adventure for lunch.

the reservation happened to be right when they opened for the day, so there was a little bit of a line to check in.  it went quickly though, and in no time we were seated in a lovely booth upstairs perusing the menu.

our server informed us that we were seated at one of just eight parties that had extra magic built right into the table.  she pointed out the evil queen and her magic mirror in the woodgrain, and i think i got them both.  i'm not gonna lie, i totally don't remember which is which and i think at least one of them is upside down.  or sideways.  maybe you can tell:

we kicked off our meal with an order of their fabulous bacon/jalapeƱo/cheese biscuits, and of course there are seven in an order...like the dwarfs.

because it was early in the day and we knew we'd have plenty of time to burn them off, the ladies and i opted for adult beverages.  lilcee had a spiked wildberry lemonade topped with berry foam, while dailygluttony and i both went for the pimm's cup.  i order it every time i come here.

lilcee and dailygluttony ordered two entrees to share.  these are the chicken meatballs with tagliatelle pasta:

and the bone-in pork chop.  i got a bite of this and it was probably the best pork chop i've ever had.

the kids were unimpressed with the options on the adult menu, so i suggested that they do what the bean had done at lamplight lounge a few weeks ago - order two items from the kids' menu.  the portions are pretty small and they've got adult-sized appetites, so it worked out perfectly.  while miniDG went for a double serving of pasta and marinara sauce, the girls both went big and ordered a petite filet and alfredo pasta.  this is a terrible photo, but i literally had like two seconds to snap one before their hungry asses dug in.

my order was pretty boring - their angus burger served on a soft pretzel bun - so i didn't bother with a photo.  and after everyone had polished off the last bites of their entrees, the girls ordered up some dessert.  the bean opted for whatever had chocolate in it, and it came with a "happy birthday" plaque with a candle to make a wish on.  she endured our singing before blowing out the candle and posing for another two seconds before going in.

mini cee ordered up the birthday cake push pop, and it looked pretty tasty.

a few group shots, and then it was time to head out to the park, brave the insane humidity, and ride some rides.

yay for early birthday parties!

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