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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

OMG, we're back again

waaaaay back in 2019, lilcee, trish and i had giggled our way through a ticketmaster purchase of a box at the hollywood bowl for the backstreet boys.  the concert wasn't till october 2020, but we were pretty excited.

and then, of course, covid happened.  and the concert got postponed till june 2021.  and then again...this time, to june of 2022. and unfortunately with this new date, trish was out due to a preplanned trip.  we were so bummed, and even more so because we still had a fourth ticket that we'd anticipated roping another friend into.  eek.

as the new date got closer, one of my friends from high school happened to text in a group chat about the concert - and she was pretty stoked to learn that i had a ticket that had her name all over it.  we may not have found a fourth, but it was okay.  we knew we were going to have a blast regardless.

we met up at the park & ride station in pasadena and rode the shuttle to the hollywood bowl together, and it was bustling with activity when we arrived.

our box was off to one side, but we still had a pretty nice view.

their opening act was an australian singer named delta goodrem.  i had heard of her, not because of her music but because she dated nick jonas for a few months back in the day when the old lady was still in love with him.  heh.

we waited till her set was done before heading back out to check out the merchandise tents.  as we stood in line, i was super amused at this fan's t-shirt:

once we got back to our box clad in our new BSB gear, we took advantage of the remaining daylight with another selfie.

my friend mrs. big and i had opted for matching (ultra ridiculous) reversible hoodies.  here she models the flip side of it to show you how awesome it is.  heh.

the concert was entertaining, and the BSB fanbase is still large and in charge.  they performed a nice mix of old and new music, and we had a lot of fun.

and because this was basically their hometown show, the guys brought their kids out for a song.  it was very cute.

the time flew by, as it always does during a fun concert, and in no time they were arm-in-arm for their final bow.

well...of course, there was an encore.

and a fireworks finale.

and then it was time for the mad dash back to the shuttle station to make sure we caught the bus back to the park & ride.  the buses only run for an hour after the show ends, so it's not a time to linger in the seats and bask in the afterglow of the show.

yet another great evening at the bowl in the books.  i wonder what will bring us back...i guess we'll just have to wait and see (nothing is planned as of yet!).

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