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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

what the croc??

the last week of school for the bean included a day at disneyland with their classmates.  they met up at school earlier than normal that morning to board the bus and ride down to anaheim together with a couple of their teachers as chaperones.  

you know what that means, of course:  the old lady and i dropped off the bean and then promptly jumped on the freeway and headed on down to the happiest place on earth for some mommy & me fun.  

when we got inside the park we found the double decker bus at the curb, just waiting for us to climb aboard for a one-way ride to the castle (yes, i took the picture at the end of the ride).  we hadn't done this in forever, but it's a really nice way to enjoy a leisurely drive down main street and not have to elbow through the crowds making their way into the park.

we got to see a few characters who were out greeting guests.

"it's a small world" isn't one of the old lady's favorite attractions, but i enticed her with the idea of enjoying a long, slow boat ride with plenty of air conditioning.  plus, i love stopping in to say hello to my little filipina homegirl.

big thunder is always a good time.

i decided to try the lobster mac & cheese from harbour galley, served in a sourdough bread bowl.  carb heaven.

and then we shared the cookies & cream funnel cake at the hungry bear restaurant.  it was...just okay.  i wouldn't get it again, to be perfectly honest.  there are much better treats to be had at disneyland.

since we were right there, we headed into the haunted mansion for more dark, air-conditioned fun.

oh! this particular disney day is significant because hell partially froze over with my purchase of these.  yes, those are CROCS.  and i'm not gonna lie, they're really comfortable, enough to walk the parks for a full day, and great for getting on any of the water rides.  because nobody likes having to deal with wet socks and shoes, amirite?  but you better believe i ripped out those crocs logos as soon as i figured out how.  heh.

we met up with the bean briefly when there was a glitch with their disneyland app not snagging them a lighting lane entrance for a ride with their friends.  they went ahead and got on the ride and we hung out with them so that they wouldn't be standing around alone.

i may hate driving real cars, but autopia is always a good time.

the bean opted to stay with us after their class met up to board the bus and head back to school.  we didn't really stay much longer after that, but we did have some dinner together at one of our favorite spots - the plaza inn for fried chicken.

and that's a wrap on the 8th grade day at disneyland.

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