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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

saving the best for last

i know i'm so, so, so behind on my posts here.  I KNOW.  but better late than never, right?

the day after my solo disney trip, we attended junior high awards night at the bean's school.  although this was their third year of junior high, it was the first and only time that we were able to go in person.  when they'd received the history award in sixth grade the ceremony was done virtually, which sucked.  oh well.

we'd received an email inviting us to come, but i didn't realize that that meant they were definitely receiving an award that evening.  i just assumed that all of the junior high families were invited to attend, whether it was for their student or to support their friends.  the bean had said that they'd be announcing this year's valedictorian(s) along with the other academic awards, so they wanted to go to see who was going to be scrambling to write a speech since graduation was just a week away.

i was so proud and excited when one of their teachers took the stage and called the bean up to collect the award for eighth grade english.  i know that's one of their strongest subjects, but it was still a really nice surprise to see her efforts recognized and rewarded.

and THEN...the vice principal stood at the podium and announced that there would be not just one, not two, or even three valedictorians this year.  there were SEVEN.  i don't even know how you would settle on such a number unless there truly was a tie between seven different students, although looking back and considering the group that had earned the honor it makes a little more sense.

the bean was, of course, the very last of the seven to be called up.  and of course, i let out a giant whoop and then immediately teared up as i watched them walk up to join the group onstage.

they're probably going to kill me for sharing these (again, because i definitely posted on social media right away), but come ON.  this definitely requires a blog post!

honestly, i'm still beaming with pride over this.  they worked so hard over the last three years, and it's been pretty awesome watching them learn and grow...especially through the pandemic.  such a great way to cap off ten amazing years at this school!

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