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Monday, October 10, 2022

a shower for seven

while actually attending cousin seven's amazing-sounding portuguese wedding was unfortunately not in the cards for us, we were excited to be able to celebrate the upcoming nuptials at her bridal shower.  her bridesmaids booked an old favorite spot - la grande orange in pasadena - and we arrived right on time.

we had a nice little area tucked away in the back room of the restaurant, and the hostesses had done a great job of making the space look really cute.

i know how hard it is to try to spend as much attention with everyone at a party that's being thrown in your honor, so i said a quick hello and grabbed a selfie with the bride.

and i spotted my gram at a nearby table, so i went over and grabbed one with her too.

of course, there were a few games - but they were actually fun and not cheesy.  i liked how they turned the old school safety pin game into "the ring game."  it was a little extra fun to sport those cute little rings instead of making holes in our clothes with pins.

and is it even brunch if you don't mimosa?

there was lots of good stuff on the party menu.

deviled eggs - which are not a thing for me or the old lady, but the bean was all over it.

the lemon ricotta pancakes:

the old lady never met a plate of chilaquiles she didn't like.

same goes for me and short rib hash.

the cake was really cute, and as delicious as it was pretty.

it was a lovely party, no cheesiness or cringey moments, and was a nice way to see everyone.  i knew i was going to suffer from some major FOMO during the wedding weekend, but that's okay.  i figured i could just live vicariously through everyone's social media posts.

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