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Thursday, October 13, 2022

pop! yourself

when the bean's gymboree buddy mentioned that he'd never been to the funko store in hollywood before (despite having a sizable collection of the pop vinyl figures), i told him to pick a day and i'd take them on a field trip out there.  we invited the bean's BFF and the old lady to join us, and we headed out on an adventure.

i thought we'd picked a pretty random day and time, but when we arrived there was a line to get in.  it wasn't too long though, and we were heading inside in no time.

the first thing we saw when we set foot inside the building was this giant groot, from "guardians of the galaxy."

and although she rolled her eyes when i handed her my phone, the old lady took this for me.

the old lady also had not been there before, and pretty soon the kids split off from us as we all started wandering around to look at everything.  although i've been there before, it's still really fun to walk around and check it all out.

along with a ton of loungefly backpacks from all kinds of different fandoms, there were these adorable little stuffies of disney attractions.  here's space mountain and the tower of terror:

the old lady had to hold me back from picking this up.

i knew that the kids wanted to create their own figures at the pop! people kiosks, so i'd told them to put their names on the waitlist as soon as we got inside.  the wait averages an hour on any given day, which is a pretty good amount of time to walk through the 40,000 square foot building.  and our timing was pretty good, because we were all done looking at everything just as they were called up for their turn.  you can choose everything from hair to clothing to accessories and even put things in the little hands, and they personalize the box with whatever you want to put on it.

the bean had chosen to simply put her name on hers.

i think everyone had a great time, and they chattered together happily the whole way home through rush hour traffic and everything.  after all, friends make anything fun, amirite?

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