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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

eating my way around the 'land

whenever i took the bean and a friend to disneyland, i would split off from them and have a solo day so that they could enjoy their time together without creepy mom looking over their shoulders the whole time.  this meant that i could weave through crowds easily, take advantage of single rider lines, and best of all...stop for food and snacks whenever i wanted to.  heh.

at red rose taverne in fantasyland, i found a new-to-me caramel/cinnamon/vanilla cold brew drink that i could enjoy if i was there earlier than 11:00.  that's what time docking bay 7 at galaxy's edge opens, which is the only place you can find the black caf cold brew that is my absolute favorite.  anyway, this is the bonjour! breakfast - eggs, potatoes, bacon (or sausage) plus a tiny croissant.

this was also the day i realized that three beignets are definitely too much for one person.  these are from the mint julep bar in new orleans square, and i ordered the cookie butter dip as well as their delicious (non-alcoholic) mint julep to wash them down with.

and later that evening i finally made my way to docking bay 7 for that cold brew, after making a quick stop at ronto roasters for a ronto wrap - a flatbread filled with roasted pork, grilled sausage, a really tasty peppercorn sauce and slaw.

and also on the disneyland side is the tropical hideaway, where you can get dole whip in various forms along with other snacks plus this deliciousness - the pb&j mochi with a raspberry jam drizzle and peanut dust topping.

the bean and i did spend some time together on a visit to california adventure, and i somehow managed to score us a reservation for lunch at lamplight lounge. to kick things off, we decided to share an order of the salmon poke:

knowing that i had plenty of time to burn off the alcohol, i ordered myself the scream canister - rum, cream of coconut with pineapple and orange juice and topped with angostura bitters.

the salmon PLT was delicious - a generous chunk of grilled salmon topped with some crispy pancetta, lettuce and roasted tomato.  i would go back just for this sandwich.

and the bean's cheddar burger was super simple, but sometimes that's what makes something extra delicious.

we capped off the meal with their housemade mini donuts.

pym test kitchen in avenger's campus is my current favorite spot for breakfast when we're on the DCA side.  i love their "calculated breakfast" - one tiny sunny side-up egg plus scrambled eggs, bacon, seasoned tater tots and focaccia toast.

they also serve this giant pretzel, and it comes with a tasty cheese sauce for dipping.

at cocina cucamonga grill over at the pacific wharf, they serve up these surprisingly tasty quesabirria tacos.  the bean and i are both obsessed with these.

want a free snack?  if you go to the back side of the pacific wharf cafe, there's a bakery tour where they show you how they make sourdough bread.  and when you enter the building, there's a cast member there who happily hands you a slice of freshly baked bread.  if you're really nice, you might score a giant piece like i did one day:

i think this is a seasonal item, but they bring it back fairly regularly.  this is a fluffernutter churro, served with a drizzle of peanut butter and marshmallow cream and topped with mini chocolate chips.  it's really good, but like the beignets it's way too much for one person.  that's probably why they make sure to cut it in half before serving, huh?

and at award weiners they always have funnel cake fries available.  there's always a special seasonal flavor, but you can get them plain, with just powdered sugar and whipped cream.  i think they accidentally added some granola to ours here, which sounds weird but actually added some extra flavor and crunch.

the festival of holidays will be here before we know it, and you know i'll be heading over there to try all of the delicious offerings.  kinda crazy to imagine that the holidays are almost here again, isn't it?  i know i say it every year, but holy crap did this year go by fast.  

ugh, i'm so old.

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