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Friday, October 7, 2022

cookie roundup

it's been awhile since i did a cookie photo dump, so that's what we're doing today.  are you excited?

like most cookies that i do, i definitely cannot take credit for this design - a photo of it was provided to me and i laughed and laughed because i'm just that easily entertained.  but really...kinda funny, right?

and then i was asked to do some sort of spa design, so this is what i ended up with.

remember my cousin seven?  well, she got married this year too, and i was more than happy to provide cookie favors at her bridal shower.  they did a destination wedding in portugal, which made for a fun set of designs:

graduation cookies are always a good time.

and end of season sports party cookies:

milestone party favors:

baby showers and baptisms:

and even some "just because" treats.

with the bean's new school schedule being so intense, they had to pull out of dance classes...at least for now.  and so for their last day, we brought some treats with the dance company logo on them.

these were for my friend tzeitel's celebration of life party that was thrown by her family on what would have been her 50th birthday.

i get to relive my room parent days from elementary school, helping out as a class parent for the bean's freshman class.  they do a monthly meeting during which they acknowledge all of the birthdays from the previous month, and each celebrant receives a fun bag of goodies which also includes one of these bad boys:

and lastly...these were for our friend's new cheer team.  simple with a little bit of sparkle.

i don't know if you noticed, but i've made the switch back to my OG cookie glaze from the buttercream that i'd started using this year.  i'm kind of bummed about it because i was really enjoying the challenge of the different texture - not to mention that i really liked how it tasted - but with the extreme heat we were dealing with i didn't want to have to worry about melting.  and then there's the fact that it was costing me a good bit more to produce, because i was basically doubling the amount of butter used in each batch.  yikes.

it's okay, though.  i don't think anyone really noticed the difference besides me anyway.  and i have a few folks who did say that they missed the OG frosting.  and so now everybody's happy again.  yay!

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